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missmaries food diary :)

Hi all.
Have varied between healthy eating and weightwatchers for a while now, but havent had any luck losing weight as I've still been binging frequently. But I'm now allowing myself some treats, in moderation, as long as I eat healthy the majority of the time, and I think this will help to stop the binges for good. Thought I would post my food on here to give other people meal ideas and so I can look around and nick meal ideas lol :) And support is always good :) At the moment me and my mum are doing this thing where for every day we eat healthily we get a pound put in a jar, and when it gets to the end of July (just before our holidays so we want to be at our goal weight by then) we will use the money to go and buy nice new stuff for our holiday, in hopefully small sizes :) I really enjoy healthy food, but I do love chocolate too :eek:
The last few days have been quite good, here is what i have had.

Breakfast: Low fat natural yoghurt with honey and chopped banana
Lunch: Chicken tikka and lettuce wrap
Dinner: Chicken breast in peri peri marinade, half a jacket potato and salad
Snacks: Shape mango yoghurt
Drinks: Water, pepsi max, diet coke

Breakfast: Porridge with honey and mixed summer berries
Lunch: Coronation chicken sandwich on granary bread
Dinner: Grilled fish and roasted veg (butternut squash, aubergine, courgette, red onion, tomato) in balsamic vinegar
Snacks: Shape mango yoghurt, a banana
Drinks: Water, diet coke, pepsi max

Breakfast: Porridge with honey and blueberries
Lunch: Hummus and salad sandwich on granary bread
Dinner: jacket potato with coronation chicken and salad
Snacks: Banana, shape peach & passionfruit yoghurt, blueberries, cherry tomatoes
Drinks: Water, pepsi max, diet coke.

Am craving chocolate like crazy at the moment, may have to treat myself to some tommorow!

also does anyone know how to get the weight loss ticker thing below automatically at the end of each of my posts without having to copy the code each time?

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oops...gave into chocolatey treats tonight!
never mind back on the wagon tommorow :)


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Welcome aboard! Sounds like you are doing really well. Cravings are normal just don't beat yourself up above 'giving in' to them. Each day is a new one and all that ;)

Also if you go up to 'user cp' at the top left and click 'edit signature' you can paste the code for your ticker in there and it'll automatically show up in your posts :)
ah thank you :)

hmm okay today was certainly not good either, but i have cut out lots of healthy recipes from magazines and made my own cook book, and bought some herbal tea which im going to try to start drinking. been given an easter egg, my first one, arghh, a small/medium cadbury creme egg, but i might save it and maybe have it as a treat at the end of next week if i'm healthy all week.
hopefully will be nice weather tommorow so i can go for a long walk.
my holiday to magaluf is in 3 months exactly today, ahhhh! (that ahh is more out of panic then excitement.... lol)
so after a horrendous two days im drawing a line under it and back to healthy eating today.

Saturday 7th may 2011:

Breakfast: Slice of seeded toast with baked beans and a cup of herbal fruit tea

Lunch: 3 multigrain ryvita with peanut butter and some grapes

Dinner: Barbecued chicken breast, salad in light vinagerette dressing, bit of tomato and red pepper relish

Snacks: Probiotic black cherry yoghurt, apple, go ahead bar, 30 more grapes.

Drinks: Pepsi max, diet coke, light ribena

Annoyed I had the go ahead bar, I've been trying to avoid eating sugary processed stuff when I'm trying to have a healthy day, but I was waiting around ages for a family bbq and was starving so had it. Also had far too much of diet fizzy drink and snacked too much. But on the bright side I went for a nice long walk today. From monday I will try harder to stick to 3 meals a day with minimal snacking again, but tommorow I won't be able to as theres another family bbq and I'm not at home at the moment so I can't plan/prepare meals in advance etc.
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Your menus look good, the only suggestion I would make is to cut back on the fizzy drinks, but it looks like you have already subsituted them with the herbal tea, which is great! Good luck.:)
thanks rooie :) yeah admittedly i drink farrrrr too many fizzy drinks, think i'm actually addicted, but am trying to cut down and drink more water and herbal tea.


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Herbal tea can be really nice sometimes, I'm not really into hot drinks but I do quite like the fruit teas you can get!

If you're craving chocolate (which I am verrry familiar with!) there are some really good ways to get a tiny bit into your diet without being too unhealthy.

Options hot chocolate sachets are quite nice, or a small amount of 70% cocoa dark chocolate melted as a dipping with some fruit skewers is another good way. I normally have a low fat chocolate yogurt on some strawberries/raspberries if I'm really craving something sweet. :)
Sunday 8th May 2011:

Breakfast: 2 slices seeded toast with margarine and reduced sugar strawberry jam plus a cup of herbal fruit tea
yesterday ended up a diaster foodwise big time!!! but i'm in this for the long haul so i'm not letting anything deter me! and back at home now so back to planning and preparing own meals :) from now on, except for a treat on sunday, no junk food whatsoever, and i've worked out that having jam is a bigggg trigger for me, not sure why maybe its all the sugar, but whenever i have say jam on toast for breakfast i nearly always end up binging on more sugary/carby stuff later :(

Monday 9th May 2011:
Breakfast: Jordans fruit & nut museli with low fat natural yoghurt, chopped banana and sliced kiwi
Lunch: Hummus salad wrap
Dinner: Co-op healthy choice sweet chilli chicken noodle salad, piece of granary bread with marge
Snack: Shape mango yoghurt, cherry tomatoes, 2 satsumas
Drinks: Water
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Great looking menu today.

I think maybe the overeating after having jam could be because, like you say, it gives you an inital sugar hit. Which doesn't last long and won't keep you satisfied until lunch. So you compensate by overeating and get off track. Your breakfast today has more slow release energy so should have helped.

Keep up the good work.:)
thanks :)

Tuesday 10th May 2011:
Breakfast: Porridge with honey and strawberries
Lunch: Hummus salad sandwich on granary bread
Dinner: Chicken breast, vegetables and gravy
Snacks: Banana, shape yoghurt, pot of mixed melon
Drinks: Water, diet coke

Dinner was delicious, I had mashed butternut squash, green beans, carrots, peas and sweetcorn with the chicken and gravy and it was soo nice.
I've done a fair bit of walking today, and pole dancing, and am debating going on treadmill hmm...
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Wednesday 11th May 2011:
Breakfast: Jordans fruit & nut museli with low fat natural yoghurt and a banana
Lunch: Cheese salad sandwich on granary bread
Dinner: Homemade vegetable soup with a wholemeal pitta
Snacks: Shape yoghurt & a kiwi
oops have neglected this for a week.
have had some good days and some "not so good" aka very bad days in the last week.
anyway back to tracking

Wednesday 18th May 2011:

Breakfast: Homemade museli (oats, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, raisins/sultanas) with low fat natural yoghurt and blueberries

Lunch: Wholemeal pitta filled with hummus and salad

Dinner: Grilled chicken breast, butternut squash mash, mixed veggies and gravy

Snacks: Banana

Drinks: Pepsi max, water
I'm back....and no slimmer. Sometimes I feel like banging my head against a brick wall. I want so badly to lose this extra weight, fit into my clothes and feel healthy and happy..yet I'm so stuck in the habit of binging i seem to binge even when I don't want to, and don't enjoy it!! I spose its hard to get out of the comfort zone! The stupid thing is I enjoy eating healthy,and exercising...yet still seem to feel the need to fill myself with a load of rubbish when I'm alone and bored. Back again, trying again, not giving up, maybe this time I CAN ACTUALLY DO THIS. I need to have faith, but because I've failed so many times before theres a voice in the back of my head saying "you know you're going to fail anyway...why not just binge, its inevitable". if anyone has any advice that would be great, because i really dont want to waste anymore of my life binging and being a social recluse, feeling miserable and lacking confidence. starting posting my food and stuff again in here tommorow. x
back in the zoneeee (i think!)

today i had:
breakfast: porridge made of oats and water with sultanas, pumpkin seeds & mixed spice
lunch: 2 wholemeal pittas filled with reduced fat hummus, baby spinach and cucumber, plus 10 cherry tomatoes
dinner: stir fried veggies in sweet chilli sauce
snacks: sugar free strawberry jelly, and 2 weetabix with unsweetened soya milk
drinks: pepsi max, diet coke, water

looks a lot and usually wouldnt like to snack on carby things its just that my dinner was so little i was hungry later and had lots of calories left anyhow.
until i get to my first goal weight im trying to stick to 1400 calories max but not go too low either. today was 1350.
exercise was about 1 and a half hours of walking and a 1 hour body combat class at the gym.
hola, todays foodage:
breakfast: porridge with sultanas, pumpkin seeds and mixed spices
lunch: wholemeal pitta bread filled with reduced fat hummus and cucumber, plus 10 cherry tomatoes
dinner (wierd one as i had no time to cook and went food shopping): tesco mexican chilli chicken sandwich and then peri peri style chicken fillets
snack :S : seeded tortilla wrap with blueberry jam
i drank pepsi max, and a bit of water though not enough!
calories came to 1400 my max limit.
exercise was just approx 1 hour of walking, i was too tired for gym. :)

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