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MissVampys Diaries week 2

Week 2 was a breeze, the headaches went away but I was still feeling weak really weak and I biting off anyones head. I lost 8lbs that week. Which in total is nearly a stone. I went to the doctors and they advised me to eat something to get my bowels moving. I was prescribed Mircolax which is a small tube inserted into the backside. Pleasent it is not. So on the Friday and Saturday only ate suppers but really dissapointed that I did. I thought that I would enjoy eating but I really did not. I think I have gotten addicted to feeling hunger pangs and getting a boost when I have beaten it. I am starting to wonder if the dr was pulling my leg. It was a temp dr who was filling in for my usual dr who was off sick. My usual dr used to be on the cambridge diet and took down the details of the diet I am on as she wanted to try it for herself. Maybe I should have just tried the Microlax instead. Fair enough I did get excited that I was going to be eating but when it came down to it I felt nothing of what I would normally feel when comfort eating. Let this be a lesson to people who eat on this. Dont after the end of week 2 you wont be wanting to eat but maybe we are all different. Its now sunday and I have put on 5lbs when I weighed myself and I did not eat alot. Thinking of cutting out my breakfast shake as I dont eat breakfast anyway when I was not on a diet. Please dont do this if I was you though. I was stupid for eating and I am trying to make it right, as soon as I lose the 5lbs again which should be at the end of the week I am going back to my 3 shakes. Fingers crossed I wont have to go back to the headaches again as I dont know if my body will start to go on the diet again and I will have to experience the downsides again. I know one thing is for sure I wont be listening to that dr again he even told me that if I dont go to the loo once I train my body to go every 2-3 days with the Microlax that I will have to go off the diet. I know one thing for sure I am not coming off this diet I have just found a diet that works and that is easy to do after the 1st week and there is no cooking preparation and now that I have found this forum anytime I am feeling blue I just need to look at everyones successes. :p
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Wow what a stupid doctor. I'd be fuming!!! Going to the loo is something That most people have difficulties with! It's normal and nothing to be alarmed about!! There's not much to poo out and what is there will come when it's ready! As long as your not in pain or discomfort ( like ya get on Atkins, but that's cuz your clogged up with meat!) then it's no big deal. That doctor gave you some really bad advice and I bet you feel gutted. Just go straight back to your 3 shakes... Don't cut any out!!! Trust me I had a really bad experience when I missed a shake and would advise anyone to have all three. Have you tried fibreclear?? I haven't because I don't need it... I have gone the other way and have had the trots for 14 days lol, but I have IBS and so my colon is overactive anyway. But a lot of people swear by it for keeping everything moving! And gentle exercise like yoga can help massively to get it all going. Good luck with it, I hope you find getting back into the swing of it ok. Let us know how it goes x

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