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Mistaken for my mother....?!

Hi Everyone,

Yes, that is correct. An aunt of mine (who fair enough hadn't seen me or my mother for 15 years or so) was chatting to me at my sister's wedding yesterday.

She first said that I had lost a lot of weight since she had seen me last - I was a bit plump when she last saw me, but I am now maybe 4 stone heavier than I was then. I was a little puzzled, but carried on with the conversation...

We were making small talk, the way you do, and then she asked me if I was still child-minding, and the penny dropped. I should have been polite, I suppose and talked myself out of the conversation, but I was so shocked when I realised that she thought I was my Mam, I just asked her outright if that is what she had thought! She said yes, and that it was a long time since she had seen either of us.

My Mam, lovely though she is, is 57. I am 31. I might look frumpy these days due to needing to lose 5 stone or so, but I had made an effort with my outfit. I certainly don't look older than my age in my face - in fact I get asked for ID still to buy alcohol.

My Mam was overweight for many years, and was never as heavy as me (I don't think) but is only 4 ft 10 tall, so any weight shows easily. She had battled for years, and finally lost her weight with the Atkins diet about 8 years ago. She is a size 12 or so these days. I am proud of her for getting the weight off, but also fear that I will follow in her foot-steps of being obese for too long and wasting my life due to not wanting to do anything because I am too fat.

Anyway, I met with a lovely Cambridge Counsellor last week with the intention of starting the plan today once the wedding was over, and Aunty Ann's comment has just made me more determined than ever!

I am going to hate the photos - I always do, but they will be a reminder of how far I have come.

AND - why do people think they can comment on whether you have lost weight if you are still fat? I would never dream of saying she had put weight on!

So, long post to start me off, but I will keep a diary to help me remember how I am feeling as I lose weight. I am confident that I can do this with Cambridge, but appreciate that the journey will be difficult at times. Having read some other diaries on here, it seems that sharing thoughts and feelings helps to keep you on the straight and narrow.

Day one today, so will have my first of 4 shakes shortly. A chocolate one I think to get me started.

Have a nice bank holiday weekend everyone!

Chris xxx
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Ouch! I would be livid, don't blame you for reacting how you did.

I am 25 and a size 22 and work with a lovely lady who is in her late fifties, a foot shoter than me and at least 3 or 4 dress sizes bigger. One day at work somebody I'd never met before walked up and said 'Hi, it's Julie isn't it?'. Bewildered, I said no, I'm Kerry. She apologised and walked off, then the penny dropped. She thought I was this other woman. I was so insulted, I could have screamed. I also then felt very guilty for being insulted at being compared to this other lady, as she really is lovely and I was probably being a b*tch.


One day at a time!
Welcome and good luck with CD. Isn't it the things like this that make us more determined to stick with it and show everyone what we can do! When you are a size 12 you can phone her up and thank her for giving you the impetus to stick with it, lol. Enjoy the diet - it's great:)
day 2

Thanks for the replies! I am still not sure if I am offended or not. My mam was very overweight, but the way my Aunt said it, she sounded like she thought mam had been even bigger than I am now, when she was maybe a size 18 at the most. But shorter then me. She didn't speak to me for the rest of the day, though! I hope she was more embarrassed than I was!

Going to do some gardening today to keep myself occupied. yesterday went quite well, but I did end up blitzing the housework to keep myself out of the kitchen. By the end if this, I will have the cleanest house ever!

Off to B&Q now to buy a new lawnmower, as my last one seems to have died.

Keep up the good work everyone!
Kornishkez - my sister has the same ring that you have in your photo!

I cant wait until my engagement ring fits me again. 2 stone or so should do it!
I love my ring, it's in the jewellers at the moment as I have lost a diamond. Boohoo :(

Enjoy B&Q, I am staying away as I will spend too much money in there! And I buy plants and then they sit in their tubs on the patio for the next 2 months before I actually plant them! lol


Mad as a Hatter
Hiya mate

Good to see another diary on here to catch up with

Not too sure how I would have reacted in your place.. urmm tough one.. but just think that it will never happen again as you will be slimmer and trimmer in next to no time

How are you doing on the plan ? are you finding it ok ?

still going strong!

I posted on here yesterday, but I was timed out and lost my message. it wasnt that exciting, but frustrating to lose my ramblings..

Anyway, still going strong, and I am very proud of myself. OH went out with the boys last night, and I was left in the house alone with the fridge. I didnt eat anything! I looked in the fridge, but decided that I was doing well, and that I was only bored, so there was no need to ruin my efforts. Besides, he only had food that I dont really like, so wasnt going to cheat with foods that I could usually leave alone.

Had a busy day today - kept myself busy all morning until my first shake at 11am. I was awake really early, and full of beans, so I have done a load of housework, and have only really come to a bit of a stop now.

Onto my 3rd pint of water of the day, and have had a choc mint shake (yuuuuuuuuuuuum) and 2 cups of black red tea. As in red tea without milk, so I suppose that makes it just red tea??...

I am saving my next shake for 3.30-4pm, so will need to keep busy until then. I suddenly have a load of motivation and energy to get on with stuff, so i might even do some painting that I have been putting off for ages. See how I fee once I have a mooch about on the boards...

Hope everyone else if feeling motivated and in control.

Have a good day!

Chris xx

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