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Mix 2 Match Question

I lost 11lb on Mix 2 Match in 4 weeks, so am confident it works. However, just had thought...

I know that on if you have a synned snack you have to count the higher syn value. However, what if I am having a red meal and it has syns. I have been taking the syn value for the red plan not the green. I hope this is right?

For example, if I have a tin of Princes Stewed Steak for lunch I would count the syn value as being the red vale of 2 as I am having it as red meal. If I have pasta and sauce for dinner I will take it as a green meal and count the lower syn value.

I assume this is correct as I have been losing weight doing it this way, and it would really limit some meal options, but please can someone confirm this?

Thank you!!
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Bumping this up in the hope someone can put my mind at rest *puppy dog eyes*
I'm sorry, I don't know! I do occasionally do M2M days, but I tend to have free meals rather than synned ones.

I don't think there are many people here who do M2M on a regular basis.

I am pretty sure that you take the syns of the meal you're having. I think it's just syns at other times that you'd take the highest value. But I don't know, it's just a guess...perhaps this is a consultant question, or one for ringing through to SW.
I don't have a group at the moment, so no consultant to ask :( I'm going to work on that assumption for now as I can't find anything telling me otherwise. I am loosing weight, so I'm clearly not doing it totally wrong. However, the loss is quite slow and if I deviate from the plan even a little the scales shoot up for a few days. Oops!


Bring it on!
Just checked. If your main course has syns you count it appropriate to that meal (i.e if it's a red meal and you add something you count the red syns) all other times you count the highest syns regardless. So looks like you've been spot on!
Thank you so much for checking Chuffy. I couldn't seem to find conformation in my book or on the website. It's quite likley that I was just being blind though, but thanks for the sanity check - that's a big relief :)

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