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mix a moose 150mls??


getting slimmer
when you make up your mix a moose does it have to be with only 150mls of water??

you dont seem to get much, if you know waht i mean, and its quite condensed

can i use more water and more mam??

say 400mls of water and doubl mam??

or would it be bst to make 2, and have half a cd shake mix in each??

i make everything with double the amount of water!
i have the shake in halfsand have just under a pint in each, and have a HUGE bowl when i have the soup.

thanks in advance guys!! xxxx
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getting slimmer
any one tried making a larger mix a moose???? x


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I make my mousses with 200ml water but still use just one scoop of MAM. Seems to work just fine. Haven't been brave enough to try even more water just in case it's too dilute, but I don't see why you can't.

Hope this helps :D


getting slimmer
thanks guys, if i use 200mls like you lilly, think i can have half a sachet of shake?


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Might be a bit watery. But if you don't mind that, give it a try, I say!

But make sure you tell us how it turns out, LOL. :D
Hi Maria,

I've tried with different quantities of water, the best amount I have found is 200ml of water with a slightly heaped scoop of MAM, I also find leaving it for 10 minutes is not long enough with the extra water so normally leave it for 15 minutes.
I know what you mean about finding it quite condensed, I love the stuff but do have to have at least a pint of water with it.

Let us know what you try x


getting slimmer
i'll give it ago, just a bit exspensive to be not liking it

if its too watery i'll just drink it!! x


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i'll give it ago, just a bit exspensive to be not liking it

if its too watery i'll just drink it!! x
LOL, good plan :D


Queen of the Damned
hi i got some mam this week and you can have it three times a day if you want,
Not unless the rules have changed!! :eek: My understanding was only ONE scoop of mix a mousse per day, although I'm happy to double-check if anyone else has heard that this has changed?! :confused:


getting slimmer
can you check please?
if its as many as you like i might try 2!!! x
My CDC said only 1 scoop a day because of the extra calories, but I have to admit occassionally I will have a second especially like this week as its totm and it satisfies my chocolate craving better than just a shake does!!!!


getting slimmer
how amny cals are in cant be too any!!

i just had mine, just under 200mls of water, one scoop mam and half a shke and it was ok, coulda done with being a lttle more set, but i forgot to time how long i'd had it in the fridge and was scared to leave it too long!! x


getting slimmer
use really cold water (apparntley) i put ice cubes in mine and let them melt.
and whisk with a high whisk for at least a min.
thats all i think!! x


Nearly "Normal"
I heard mixing the MAM in with your sachet first helped blend it, but I only had one failed attempt before I lost my scoop and then got the above tip.

Sometimes I wish I wasn't such a scatterbrain.
MAM success

Day 2
It worked this time and I'm about to eat it. I don't think I would have it more than x1 a day or even every day. I like the variations that can be created. The flavours go some way to masking the liquidised cardboard taste! My little piece of chicken and half a courgette tasted very good last night.

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