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Mix A Mousse - Am I doing it wrong??


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I make mine with 150ml of really cold water. I put one scoop of mixamousse in along with a shake and then blend it for a minute. Then I put it in a dish and leave it for 10-20 minutes in the fridge. It always comes out right. The only time it didn't is when I used too much water the first time I did it. Did you use a whisk rather than a blender? That could be why you had lumps in it still?


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No, I meant a blender - I just couldn't remember the word! ha ha!
Maybe I used too much water? I ate it anyway - waste not want not! x


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Thanks Bettyboo!
Just looked at your pics! WOW!! x


I add the scoop of mousse to the shake sachet, fold over the top and shake it in there, then I add it to the water which I keep in the fridge for MAM.

Blend, fridge, beautiful


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Bettyboo you look fantastic. You look like a different person. Well done you.


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It's important you make sure you mix the mix a mousse with the cd pack before adding it to the water. You shouldn't get any lumps doing it that way x x x


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I just blend and blend and blend until my teeth are rattling - it's the only way to ensure totally lump-free mousse! :) (And I notice that for mousses it's best to keep the blender near the bottom of the shaker - plunging it up and down like I do for shakes/soups doesn't work and doesn't attack all the lumps.) Mix-A-Mousse is weird stuff! :eek:


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I also made the same mistake until I mixed the shake with the mix a mousse thoroughly and now my mousse is amazing..loving it ..........Bettyboo you really look fab and well done.....what an inspiration ................x


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have no idea about the moose i'm afraid, but Bettyboo your photo's are incredible! The diffference is astonishing!!!
I had issues with my mousse at first as well. But now I think I've got it right, what I do is mix the mousse with your shake in the bowl you're mixing it in, add 1/2 a cup (measuring cup) of ice cold water and blend with a hand blender for about 5 mins. I lift my blender up and down to make it really airy, it practically doubles the volume and makes the mousse really light and moussey! Transfer into a nice bowl (that you'll eat from) and refrigerate for 10 minutes then eat! Perfect mousse everytime!

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