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mix a mousse mess!!!


Must do it this time


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I mix mine with the powder first, in the packet, then whizz, whizz and whizz some more!


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I always mix the MAM into the sachet of shake first. Then add to very cold water and whizz up with an electric stick blender for about 30 secs and then usually ok.


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I made a mousse today for the first time and i really enjoyed it!......Ok i didnt really enjoy it, but it did make a pleasant change...lol


Must do it this time
Im Off To The Kitchen To Try Again,god Help Us All!!!!!!!!i Dont Think It Will Be Too Pretty!!!wish Me Luck


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
Thank you for this post!! My blender has been on the receiving of some MAM messes.... it had never occured to be to mix the powders first!!
Will definite do it that way from now on. :)


has started again!!
Found it!!

ngredients :
1 VLCD Shake Pack
1 Scoop Mix-A-Mousse
150 mls water
Utensils :
Good quality hand blender (Recommended 600 watt)
Pyrex Jug
Method :
1. Assemble the ingredients and utensils.

2. Put 150mls of water into the Pyrex Jug and put into the freezer compartment for 15 to 20 minutes. Take out the water as soon as crystals start to form on the surface.

3. Remove from freezer and pour the shake pack onto the surface of the water.

4. Without stirring pour the scoop of Mix-A-Mousse onto the top of the shake pack.

5. Put a high quality hand blender (500 watts or more recommended) into the mixture and blend for 60 seconds.

6. Pull out the blender and scrape the remaining powder and mixture back into the mixture with a spoon and blend for a further 15 seconds.

7. Return the pyrex jug to the freezer compartment for 10 minutes (you can leave for longer if you want a more ice cream texture).

8. You will know it is set if you can turn it upside down and it doesn't land on your feet :)

9. If you look up into the pyrex jug you will see bubbles on the surface and no sign of any gelatin lumps.

10. Enjoy!! :)
Please note that a cheap blender will not mix it well enough and will leave lumps in it which are very grim!!


Must do it this time
Thanks For That Sez,much Appreciated.
Alas I Have Just Made A 2nd Attempt At It,its In The Fridge Now As We Speak,bet It Turns Out Crappy Like The Last One,just Like My Effort To Make A Muffin,disasterous And The Chocolate Bar Im Bloody Useless At These,a 3 Course Dinner I Can Do,but This..............................

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