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Mix to Max


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am i right in thinking that you can have either red or green for your meals throughout the day as long as you don't snack in between. do you still get healthy extras


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Any snacks have to be Synned at the highest. For example if something is 5 on red and 7 on green then it is 7 Syns
I've done it before and it's fine - the diet still works on a meal to meal basis just as well as it does on a day to day basis.
Ive been tempted to try it - but havent yet, might give it a whirl...... not yet though! xxx
i'm definitely gonna give it a go then cause most days (through the week) i don't snack in between meals and don;t have syns

Nanny Jax

getting back on track

Have up to three meals a day.

1, Choose a Green or Original Meal and stick to your choice while enjoying that meal.
2, Free Food Rules.
Enjoy as much as you like, either Green or Original, from the choice you have made for that meal.
3, Have three or four Healthy Extras each day, from either the Green or Original choice, to have with meals or as snacks.
4, For other snacks throughout the day, or for starters, desserts etc, choose Superfree Foods, or count them as syns.
5, Have Five to 15 Syns per day.
If your main course contains any syns, then count the syn values appropriate to the Green or Original meal choice you made.

On a Mix2Max Day everything you eat apart from your main course that is'nt a Superfree Food, or a Healthy Extra, has Syns and you must take the highest syn value if there is a difference.

this is it basically, but always check your book, because as much as I like to be always right, I am only human lol xxx

I love mix2max i only tried it before i went on holiday and found i didnt eat as much and was more satisfied and was never hungry on it.

Ruthy xxx

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