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I am also going to try a few more of these. I done it yesterday and it really helps if you can't decide which plan you want to do!


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As far as I am aware Mix2Max is you have your 3 meals a day but instead of having a red or green day you do it meal wise instead of day wise. So you could have a red breakfast Green Dinner and Red Tea. Hope that makes sense.
The thing is i only have my HE's for my breakfast does it matter that i dont have a "red"or "green" breakfast....cant i leave it neutral?

Ruthy xxx
Hi Ruthy

Basically you get 3 red or green 'plates' of food a day. On top of this you have your usual syns and healthy extras.

If you eat syns outside of your main meals (snacks/starters/deserts) you count the highest syn value if the red/green syn value differs.

If you have a meal (eg breakfast) which consists of only Healthy Extras and/or Superfree food you can have 3 more Red or Green meals that day. So you could have a neutral breakfast then lunch, dinner and supper!

The only thing you don't have to count in some way outside of the 3 red or green 'plates' of food is Superfree food - food free on either a red or green day.

Hope that makes sense, I love Mix2Max. I only tend to do red at lunch so I can have meat in my sarnie but I used to struggle with what to have in my packed lunch on a green day!

Kelly x
I would so mess this up!
Yeah, once you have tried it once or twice it is actually quite easy and really makes life easier for me. It means that if I am out or on the road, I don't have to struggle to find something to eat, I just choose red or green when the meal pops up

Hi, can anyone tell me how many healthy extras you are allowed on Mix2Max? I it 2A and 2B or 1 and 1? And what about Success express?
There is a success express sticky. I would say mix2max has been replaced by extra easy as it follows a lot of the same principals and let's you mix red and green foods

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