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Mixed emotions day

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My sister-in-law has been staying with us and while we was looking for some duvet covers I found a couple of pairs of jeans that I'd never been able to fit into and pulled them on with ease :eek:, I'm so chuffed :party0038:

On the bad side I went to my Dr today cos I'd been having chest pains and my legs and arms were tingling, he did a few tests on me including sticking pins in my feet, blood pressure and listening to my heart and said he was sending me to get some blood tests done and when they come back he will send me to a neurologist I asked him what he was testing me for and he said MS, I really wish I hadn't asked, I've been crying all morning and looking up symptoms of MS and can relate to most of them which has made me feel worse :cry:
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You poor thing. I know its hard to do but try not to worry about it till you get the results, focus on the fact you got those jeans on that is fantastic - well done.
Take care Cek xx


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its easy for me to say but please dont think the worst until you've seen the neurologist, just being told about a suspected illness is enough to floor the strongest of people. keep strong and remember that you can always share your thoughts here.
Sorry to hear your horrible news, try not to get too stressed until you find out the result, it can be managed quite well these days. I would advise about trying to find out too much on the internet better trying to find a forum where the people can tell you first hand than reading the medical mumbo jumbo....keep us posted chick and keep your chin up, well done on getting in them jeans, I am green with envy...xx


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Not all forms of MS are the ones we associate all the worst symptoms with. Please don't panic yet, especially as they are only testing for it (they test for many things - mostly they come out negative).

My mum has a fairly rare form of MS. It's affected her peripheral vision, and her balance, but she should never need a wheel chair and will hopefully retain enough sight.

BUT please remember two things. 1) You very probably do NOT have this. 2) If it turns out you do, it is better for it to be treated early. Mum's sight would be better than it is now, if they had diagnosed her quickly.

Good luck *hugs*.
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Sorry to hear you've had a rubbish day, I agree with the others try not to worry just yet.

Well done you on the jeans, that's great news keep at it and they'll be dropping off you before you know it ;)

i really do not know much about ms so i cannot comment on that, my thoughts are with you hun, remember that stress can contribute to alot of the illness that happen to the body, so please do not stress yourself out to much (easier said than done sometimes i know!), focus on other things for the time being and stay positive as much as you can. i'm really happy for you that your jeans fit hun, well done that shows that you are onto a winner!! please stay strong and keep us posted with your results.(hospital):hug99:


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Sorry to hear you're not doing too great x It will hopefully comeback as something minor that can easily be resolved. The Dr always has to check for anything that linked to symptoms if more than a few match up with the possible diagnosis. So hopefully they're just being cautious on your behalf! Worst case scenario then there are some amazing medications around that can really help with symptoms x Try to stay positive

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