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Mixing red/green/ee in the same week!


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Who has said that? SW advocate a day-by-day approach, and you can mix original/green/ee to suit....follow the plan(s) and it WILL work for you x
"Every day can be an Extra Easy day, or you can choose one day at a time from Extra Easy, Green and Original. The choice is yours!"

This is on page 5 of the "bible", otherwise known as the Food Optimising book!


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Yep, as far as I can see, you can do what you like! I've never done a red day, but mix green and EE every week now :) My losses vary from week to week - sometimes only 1lb, occasionally 3.5lbs, BUT... I've lost EVERY week...


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I agree you can mix the days as it suits you.
For me, I am not interested in anything except EE, but the joy of SW is that you have the choice. Just enjoy, and provided you stick to the plan for whatever day you chose you will do well.
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It's could be just a personal thing. I generally mix it up between red/green and sometimes found I've done better like that but also had some good weeks just sticking to one plan.
I also saw this on the thread and it has completely thrown me off to be honest, I do EE mainly and some red days here and there to break it up. So for this week I have now decided to do a week straight of extra easy as I didn't know what to do :confused:

I'm on Day 3 now, so only 4 days left of EE.

I think it was StaceyUK which mentioned it, hopefully she will drop by and clarify xxx
It really is perfectly clear in the book. I have quoted it accurately in my posting above.


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I agree, the flexibility of SW is that you can do whatever suits you on a particular day. But that said I can see how if you are only doing a green/EE day every now and then that your body might not get the chance to 'acclimatise' to the higher carb intake. Many people suffer from bloating when they do green days and this usually passes after a few days as your body gets used to it. Switching around all the time might mean this doesn't happen.


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It's been pointed out by who? Maybe it's been pointed out by a consultant to the one person who said it, because maybe that's not what works best for that particular person.

I know that EE and Green aren't my best friends, so I save EE for the weekend so I can enjoy my roast dinner and full english on a sunday and am mainly red all week, that works best for me personally, but as the book says, do what suits and mix it up!


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Well it says in the book to mix it up if you want to, just do what suits you funcurls.

I don't really like green days its too high in carbs for me, my body doesn't cope with carbs cos of my hypothyroidism, and I cant cope with just red days, cos I do like a 'little bit' of carbs (although I don't have white carbs now, thanks to advice from britmum). Its suits me this way.

Everyone is different, and what suits one, wont necessarily suit another!

The book I have is the new ones, and as avisk says, its quite clear in the books. ;)


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ditto! i mix up my days too! i tend to save EE for days when i have no idea what to have so i have the choice!! then i do red days the day before my weigh in!! i dont know how but that seems to work for me!! i got that idea from one of the girls in here!


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Yes it was! I didn't want to cause any offence to Stacey by starting this thread- I'm sure she won't mind me mentioning it- it's just that it's got me a bit worried!X
No offence taken! :)

TBH, I think it was something my C said to me because I was struggling and not losing. I just found the text she sent and it said that she found out something new and apparently you can do red/green with odd EE day but not mostly EE with the odd green/red day.

Doesn't make sense to me! I still mix and match if I need to though I must admit I do mostly EE now!

I say do what works for you and if the book says it's fine (and the website) then do that. And maybe if you find your weight loss slow then try doing only EE or only green/red.


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Congrats on your loss funcurls.

The problem is with so many changes in SW and come C's being trained a long time ago and so on and so forth I think messages sometimes get mixed together, my golden rules:
* First and foremost follow the books/ website/ your C
* If in doubt ask here and we will push you in the right direction
* Not everything works for everyone, trust your body and listen to it, it will show you the way!

Love to all,
Natt xxx

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