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Mixing TS and WS

How many people do a mixture of TS and WS days?

For the people that do is the loss still good? (obviously it wouldnt be as fast as doing just the TS) and how do you find it?

Im thinking about trying to mix the two plans so on days that i have exams i can have a 400kcal meal beforehand so i can concentrate properly and on the other days i will just have the packs. I have got a few weeks of exams so it wouldnt be for long.
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I have started to do a mix, I can't speak for the losses because I'm weighing at the end of the month! Sorry!
Actually it's not WS as I only have a 200 cal meal so it's AAMW really! :)
I do it :)
I normally have high protein meal on the days I work in the evenings.
It works out I do this approx every 3 weeks for 3 or 4 days ish.
I have been keeping a wee note in my signature so I can keep track of what I lose when :).
Some of the times when I AAM straddles two weeks, so it looks like more often than every 3 weeks, but its not, if you know what I mean :eek:
I get what ya mean :) You have had good losses so it must be working for you! I didnt want to just do it and screw up my weightloss because of a few exams but since you are doing well it has put my mind at ease a bit :)
I had a ts day last sat and still lost 8 lbs but it was my first week. I've eaten fri and sat night so I'll let you know when I weigh in on Tuesday.

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I've been doing a mixture of TS & WS since December and have had good losses, as you'll see in my signature (except Feb & March where I also supplemented with chocolate... not so good!)

I choose day by day, week by week, and typically do 3 days WS and 4 days TS in a week.
Wow cybill you still have had amazing losses :D Im definitely more at ease picking and choosing my days than i was when i first thought of doing it! Thanks guys :D

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