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Mmmm well ok I guess......

Lost 3lb not ecstatic about this I did think I might have lost a little more but I have had xmas off so I really should be pleased...shouldn't I?

I'm not sure why i feel so dissapointed I think it was a BIG mistake weighing myself on my own scales.

I am pleased I did start before xmas I guess if I didn't I wouldn't be 17lb's lighter right now...not to be sneezed at. I have so much to loose but feel spurred on.
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Hiya chick, 17lbs in two weeks is amazing!! So be proud of yourself. I personally dont agree with people weighing themselves everyday as from previous experience from my own behalf I have found that I flaucuate througout the day, early morning i am lighter than later in the evening so I stick to a day and time to get weighed and look forward to that. If i were ya I would throw those scales out as its only going to get ya down!! Ya are doing really well babe!!
Thanks, I'm keeping positive funnily enough I dont normally weigh myself but last night I should i'd have a peek....will not do this again...will get hubby to put scales (both sets) in at the attic where I cant get too, problem sorted.

I think I might have lost more had I stuck to it over xmas but for xmas eve and boxing day I had 2 shakes and a light meal and xmas day did the works...but being more careful than normal...so heyho not bad really. Watch this space for next weeks update I will stick to it perfectly.
considering you have had xmas off 3lbs is excellent!!! you really have done well. Also, you lost a massive amount in the first week so anything will seem rubbish in comparison to that... but really its not rubbish! its great. my weeks average is 3 or 4lbs... so if i dont make it then im not happy!... but you really are on target.. xx

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I know you're disappointed, but look at it 3lb in 4 days. That aint bad!!:):) XX

Well, i wish I was at your start weight Mellum, It because I have so much to lose. Good luck with your weight loss!
Well done that is a great loss, especially given Xmas as well. If you stay 100% on track now Xmas out of the way then you will be amazed how quickly the weight drops off.

Also whilst it seems a long road ahead you start to feel and look great really quickly so it keeps up the motivation, you can so do this x
3lbs is bloody brilliant this is the average weight loss per wk you are doing really great DO NOT get disheartened
keep up the brilliant work

xx Sharron


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Well done, 3lbs loss is good and it's gone forever; keep it up!
3lbs off over Xmas is amazing but even more amazing is 17lbs off in 2 weeks. You are doing fabulously.....the only way now is thinner! :D

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