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Mmmmmmmmmmmm I think not!

Just got an invitation through the post to re-join the Chocolate Tasting Club! I don't think so......I kidded myself last time that I would take the chocolates to dinner parties with me but that didn't always happen and occassionally I scoffed the box, all on my own too cos Paul doesn't like all choc.... Not worth the temptation especially as I gave up chocolate about 3 months ago, ie before LT......pat myself on the back I think!
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Well done hun x x x

I have never heard of a chocolate tasting club.. That may be just as well !! lol


Doing it exante style :)
OMG im drooling at the thought of a BOX of chocolates ;)
Wonder if thats why i go sooooo fat lol

Well done, not sure i would be able to convince myself not to sign back up! I mean you always need a box of chocolate in just incase right???? lol x


Here we go again!
I got the same invite too! I'm not joining either, just too much temptation if I do. Well done for not giving in!
Su, it's like Hotel chocolat, very upmarket and very posh chocs....actually I prefer Cadbury's and Galaxy....they send you a posh box of chocs every month and ask you to rate the different flavours.....they're very expensive too. I did generally use to take them to dinner parties and, TBH, they were always well-received.......but if there wasn't a party in the offing then I was just too tempted....my excuse to my self was that as they were made with fresh cream in a number of cases that they would 'go off' if I didn't eat them:(
Well done to you too Bev:D
I want to join!! How do i do it??? x x x


On A Mission!
Slimmersu, put down the mouse, step away from the pc......DO NOT google chocolate tasting club, hotel chocolat or anything similar.............
I want to join!! How do i do it??? x x x
Oh no you don't madam!!! If I have to do what you tell me then so do you......anyway you've already got about 300kilos of Quality Street etc stashed away!
Thank you Lynn.. But you were too late!! lol

They look nice, but not my sort of thing (luckily).... If they had had a bar of Dairy Milk, or some hazelnut whirls i would not have hesitated x x
Oh no you don't madam!!! If I have to do what you tell me then so do you......anyway you've already got about 300kilos of Quality Street etc stashed away!
GRASS!!!! pmsl x x
GRASS!!!! pmsl x x
Not only is my ar*s the size of an elephant but I have the same memory capacity......actually I can't help noticing that every bl**dy supermarket that I go into has a special offers on those big tins of sweeties:( where did you 'hide' yours???
I have a small larder in my kitchen and i have loads of Christmas goodies in there - my Quality Street, Roses, Pringles, selection boxes, advent calendars, tin of biscuits, and loads more...

I buy them when they are on offer so it makes it cheaper.. One think i did buy, but will probably NEVER use now was 2 packs of Nesquik milkshake because they had a free battery operated whisk thing with them.. but i don't think the idea of a shake will appeal to me!! lol.. The kids will like them though x x

I can honestly say though, i am not tempted by them at all.. But take away my bouillon.. and i will commit murder!! pmsl x x
mmmm milkshake...not!

You're being sooo strong babes:patback:
I have found this week really really hard... Is that normal?

I can honestly say that food doesn't normally bother me, but at the moment i keep looking at the dog and licking my lips!! lol

Joe is cooking sausages and hash browns, and the smell is yummmmmmmmmm.. Will i be better next week? Is week 5 known for being hard again? x x x
Last week was my worst too! don't know how much of that was to do with pain etc but I just couldn't get a grip at all. I've thrown everything out that was in the fridge despite Paul moaning that he's not on a diet, so there's nothing whatsever to eat even if I wanted to cheat! I'm either shopping daily for Paul of taking something out of the freezer every morning. My worst time is late afternoon/early evening.....ages since the last shake and ages until the next one.....I used to spend a lot of that time cooking!

I was so disappointed yesterday but kept telling myself that this IS NOT FOREVER....is just feels like it:sigh:


Will be thin god dammit!!
you are a star for hidind goodies on the cupboard mind Su!!!
I have to keep all such things totally out of the house cos my will power is -0!
Aren't they scrummy Cath.. I emailed Cadbury to find out where i can buy them on their own, but they (along with Caramel, and Hazel in Caramel) have been discontinued!!!

I was not happy!! lol (just a saddo to email them in the first place!! lol) x x
I had to stop reading this thread after the first few messages...the temptation to run in the kitchen and pinch some of the girls treats was becoming too much lol :eek: Chocolate has always been my BIG downfall and its a miracle I've not had any since Sunday (a record for me lol!).

Well done for turning down the invitation Sandra :D:D

Lou xx
This thread has made me chuckle... my daughter works for Hotel Chocolat but has been magnificent supporting me through this TFR. I don't actually like their chocolate because it is too rich for me which is a huge bonus as she brings tonnes of the stuff home.. and yes... she's stick thin and eats for England!

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