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Mobile Phone Advice!

I am due an upgrade on Thursday with O2 for my mobile phone, ideally I want to stay with them coz of good network coverage. I don't want to have to pay any money for one, I just want free upgrade.

Any recommendations please of good phone I use it for internet (Facebook addict!) and compulsive texter, also a good camera if poss?

Thanks :)
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I am useless when it comes to anything like mobile phones.

One question though is to you have a price limit.

Lots of the ladies here will help you.

big bear

A bear on a mission!
What phone do you have now? Do you want Nokia/Samsung or what? How much do you want to spend on the monthly contract?

This will narrow it down a bit.
Hi Ema6

I work in the industry....so hopefully can shed some light....

There are lots of phones that will get you on facebook quickly and cheaply nowadays so you have a wide choice. It is often good to stick to the same make of phone you already have as changing to another make means changing menu systems and interfaces but depends on how tech savvy you are.

All of these are great on the internet and have decent sized screens making browsing easier:
•iPhone 4 - has 5mp camera
•Samsung Galaxy S - 5MP camera
•Sony Ericsson xPeria X10 - 8.1 MP camera
•HTC Desire & HTC HD2 - both have 5mp camera

It depends on your tariff as to how much they will try & charge you for the phone BUT...
Basically give O2 a call - if they don't offer you something good ask to be put through to get your PAC code to move to another network as you know they will offer something better... this will mean you be put through to the retentions team and they have much more leeway on what they can offer you and you often get better deals.

Happy hunting & good luck!
Thanks people and extra thanks Fliss!
At the moment got Nokia Xpress Music. I'm thinking a samsung next and have been told the Galaxy S is good. If I was to leave o2 what would be another recommended network, I'm in Cumbria?
I want a reliable phone, and at the moment I'm paying £30 a month contract.
Ooh that's another phone I fancied! But didn't know anything about HTC as in reliability, ease of use etc. Why do you like it?x
Ooh that's another phone I fancied! But didn't know anything about HTC as in reliability, ease of use etc. Why do you like it?x
It's just a fabulous little gadget. I have a data plan with it through vodafone but it connects to wi-fi with ease, I go on minimins with it regularly, and on other forums, facebook on it, check email on it, play games on it, use it in my car as my sat nav (it uses google maps which means it will always be current as it constantly updates), it has updated its own operating software twice as this has been released, was wandering through Bolton town centre on Saturday checking Euro exchange rates prior to purchasing, went to argos to collect the item I had reserved with my HTC earlier, I could go on and on! Use it in work to check stock market movements etc. I have dozens of apps from the android market. (Keep checking for a slimming world app, nothing yet ;)). It's just a great little gadget and so much cheaper than the iphone, yet it performs all the same functions.
Have a look on the O2 website before you call.

This will let you know what handsets they offer as not all networks offer the same phones.

It will also give you an idea on what handset costs are and you may find you do get a better deal as a new customer than an upgrade.

O2 have recently changed their T&Cs and answerphone doesnt come out of inclusive mins and the pic and txting abroad thing isnt there anymore when you upgrade.

If you like the look of a phone google "gsm arena"

Always check reviews on a phone.

Remember when you phone they will try and close the deal there and then but dont be afraid to tell them you want to have a think about it and then go and compare the offer.

Have a look at the Orange website because they have quite competitive offers. Online most talk plans offer a discount aswell.

x x
Thanks very much for the advice, I have been with O2 a long time but because network strength is good but maybe orange would be ok. I'll have a look at it thanks x
Thanks again for help, just got to decide between o2 and orange now - I'm in Cumbria so bit worried about network coverage if I change to Orange x

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