Phone apps for fitness/food/motivation


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My phone has totally died and today I need to set out and get a new one. I assume it will be android. I have an old iPhone which I loved for apps and music but was hopeless as a phone. It still has my music and a pedometer. My current phone, which is dead, was hopeless. It had no storage for apps, I called it my not so smart smartphone.
So today I will get a new phone, I've not much money so that wonderful new Samsung 8 at €900 won't be on my list. About €100 is my limit, I am on Three (which was O2) but will try Vodaphone and see what offers they have, I need to stay pay as you go.
So other than a pedometer or C25K what other android apps have you found useful to hep with your weight loss journey.
Go a new phone, it is android, and I downloaded a pedometer...and deleted it....and downloaded another one...and need to delete that one. They are no good. I have one on my old iPhone, I can guarantee it is totally accurate with the steps but I know the distance is and the steps are pretty close. The iPhone gave me a distance of 4km and the android 1.5km, there was about 2000 steps difference too. The iPhone is old and cracked and wont last much longer.
Looks like "my fitness pal" is a popular and good one - I'm looking into it at the mo x
I may have been mixing it up with My food plan.

Nope it was My Fitness Pal I was think of.
I don't know much about it yet - just finding out..
I use 'my fitness pal' every day to log my food and water intake. I also use a couple of the 7 minute workout apps that give you small workouts to do at home.
Thanks Silken, Ive looked at my fitness app and Im not calorie counting so don't really need to use it. I'm logging all my food and exercise here anyway.
I think i might use my fitness pal once im close to target ...
Silken what's the name of tbe exercise thingies!
I think i might use my fitness pal once im close to target ...
Silken what's the name of tbe exercise thingies!

I use '7 Minute workout' and I think it's free on the Apple app store. Unsure about Android.
I use my fitness pal purely for logging what I eat in the day - I ignore the calorie counting aspect of it. I just find it easier to add everything in as I eat it rather than fill out a paper diary.
I have found one that is free and have been playing with it today. "Samsung Health", and it seems to do lots if things. A food tracker\calorie counter, activity tracker with a large choice of activities you can add, pedometre that you can set the distance and it will call it out at each km finished and tell you your average speed and map of your journey. and inbuilt C25K and 10k runs. You can also chart weight, blood pressure and glucose levels but it doesn't check your blood pressure.
If you like your runs, Zombie Run is the way to go 😂😂. It motivates you to run distances you have never imagine you could do. It's basically a game. You get missions every day and you basically have to complete them. How you do this? You actually have to run in real life from zombies (headphones required for an awesome experience). I also use one of those 30 day challange app (there are various on Apple store/Play store).

You can use a treadmill (even a bike but I'm not sure) with the Zombie Run app.

Best of luck!