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Moderators - can we have Jim as a mod please?


Never give up
Sorry, just didn't want this to be subsumed into other threads. :)

Can anyone wanting to make a formal request to have Jim added as a moderator please add a reply to this post? There is a general feeling that as Jim is here daily, welcoming people, helping us with his Atkins expertise, and being generally supportive (apart from long spells on the naughty step) that he is ideally placed to moderate the Atkins forum.

I made a request a couple of weeks ago to give him powers on these grounds, but there doesn't seem to have been a decision one way or the other since.

Anyone voting Jim for mod say 'Aye'!
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Not on here long myself but i have been reading a long time before i had the courage to post . I agree 100% with Waterworks jim is a invaluable support on the atkins forum.


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AYE! Yes please can we have Jim as a moderator

Thanks :)

As a long time lurker and posting newbie, reading Jim's 'so you're thinking of starting Atkins' thread was a major factor in me choosing to start Atkins. His advice has been such a massive help. So, I'd vote aye.
He doesn't get a say. The unwashed masses have spoken. That's what passes for democracy round these parts. :p
I would love to see Jim as a mod, but ONLY if he wants to do it. We really should have asked him first before starting this path, just in case he'd rather not take up that role.

(OP - if you have already checked with him, ignore this!)

I love that Jim gives everyone a hearty welcome without it being his responsibility or his job. Jim, you're a star!!
Ah Sera, the voice of reason. Well said. :)
I wasn't going to comment, but if you guys want me as a Mod, I'd do it. I'm the Admin on a geek board and a Mod on an Army board, but I do seem to spend more time around here. :)
yey Jim.
Geek board..pcs????

This is just the jim appreciation club :D
Yes Vicky, it's a nerd board, all computer stuff really, programming and the likes.
and i bet you have your work cut out on the army one. one i looked at was terrible!

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