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Moffgal's mutterings- my weightloss diary

Hello :wave_cry:

After posting in the wrong forum for the last few days (I was in the Food Diary forum- doh!) I'm finally here and ready to start my diary.

I'm 35 and a SAHM to 2 gorgeous boys aged almost 2 and almost 6. I'm no stranger to WW and never done anything else. About 8 years ago I got to goal and kept it off give or take a few pounds. I was even a leader for about 2 years but had to give it up due to work commitments.

Then I had my first baby and the weight crept back on. A couple of half hearted attempts at WW in between babies but never really lost anything. Then I got pg with DS2 and lost a good 21lbs due to the fact that I completely went off food and what I did eat usually came back up again!

So now I'm at my heaviest, even more so than when heavily pregnant and it's time to turn it around. I've got no more excuses, it's time to do it for me. I'm clerking at my meeting which I love and I've been going to the gym for about 5 weeks and am feeling fitter.

So here we go, looking forward to reading everyone's diaries and getting inspired and motivated!
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Good luck on your weight loss journey Moffgal :0)
Is my sig working?

ETA: Yes! Good!
Good luck with your journey! X
Thanks for the lovely welcome guys.

I'm off to the gym in a mo for a programme review. I've been going for about 5-6 weeks, but I wasn't sure how in/out of shape i was so they've started me fairly gently and I've upped things myself in the last few weeks. So I'll see how far they want to push me today!

I weigh in on a Tuesday and I am NOT optimistic about this week. School holidays, the gym closing for the flippin royal wedding, kid stress, etc. Need to find some better coping strategies for the 6 week holiday or I'll be in trouble!
Oh Boy!

Had my gym appt. My trainer had downloaded my stats from the last few weeks and apparently my fitness has improved no end which is great to hear. So we're talking about what I want to achieve and based on what I say, ie weightloss she says she's going to challenge me, to which I find myself smiling and nodding and saying yes that's what I want :crazy:

So we upped my game and I'm really feeling it! Am feeling very positive about it and just want to get the next weigh in out of the way so I can move forward.
Well this is the last day of a bad week. Got WI tonight so I'll face the music, draw a line under it and move on. Hope the damage isn't too bad. DS1 is back at school so things are back to normal round here and I can get back into a routine.

Going to look around for some new recipe ideas, I could do with shaking things up a bit. Not much else to say really, feeling a bit low as I know todays' wi will not be good.


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Good luck with your weigh in moffgal, I'm sure it'll be better than you think as you know your fitness is improving, all those gym sessions might be building your muscles a bit, check your inches cause you might be losing inches if not weight x
Half off- woohoo! Am amazed, Sarahj you're right, the fitness outshadowed the weightloss this week for sure.

Right, that's it, back on it tomorrow. Specially as we're booking a holiday this weekend and it'd be nice to be a good stone lighter by then.
So, new week, new start, here we GO!
I'm at the gym this morning, first cardio workout since my review and my trainer kept moving those numbers up and up! Hope i can cope with it.

Bought a tape measure at ww last night as they were on offer at £1 so I may take my measurements later and keep a record of how things are going in that respect as well. I've defo lost off my waist since I started, maybe it's my core muscles holding it all in better :p

Just had a filling yummy breakfast of porridge with blueberries and banana (6)
Lunch is bulgar wheat (5) with loads of salad veggies in and olives (1) with some ham (2) and a ww cookie bite (1). I'll add (2) for milk in my tea as I've had 3 cups already!
Dinner is going to be chicken with a Jamaican jerk rub on it, roasted new potatoes and salad. Not weighed the chicken yet and how many pots I have depends on that. I'm trying to keep my carbs low.

I WILL have a good day today.

Ended up being a right Picky Penelope yesterday, nibbling everything in sight :break_diet:

I knew i was in trouble when I legged in straight into town after the gym without grabbing some fruit to keep me going. So by lunchtime i was starving. Then I'm sure I didn't drink enough water so was mistaking thirst for hunger. My meals in themselves were fine just the picking i did in between!

WHY can't I just stick to this, for one, just ONE day??????


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Awesome work in losing even when you thought you'd had an awful week. Don't feel too bad about yesterday- great thing is looks like you figured out why when things went south! Score!
Thanks Nutmeg, things have not been great this week. Exercise is the only thing I have been doing right!
Went out last night to a burlesque night of all things, it was fantastic! It was an amateur group which a few of my friends are in. And they've been perstering me nonstop to join them- you know what, I just might! It's another night where I can be busy doing something other than eating, drinking or slobbing on the sofa. And there are a fair few curvy girls in the group who told me what wonders a good corset can do, so i needn't worry about being bigger than the others.
So yesterday was the end of a disasterous week for me. Put on 2.5, although in my defence I was wearing jeans instead of my usual leggings! I clerk at my meeting as well and sit right by the scales. It's a right kick up the backside to hear all those losses, seeing people jump up and down, etc.

But hey ho, new week, new start. I'm sat here with a healthy porridge, blueberries and bananas and I'm off to the gym shortly.

And in other news I AM joining a burlesque class!:D


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Aww don't worry about the gain, just good that you're still sticking to it- I'd end up comfort eating haha. Oooh burlesque, that sounds like fun but I don't think I'd have the confidence, let me know what it's like :)

OK, so I've been away for a few days. Deliberately avoiding the site as I've been really bad and not sticking to it at all. I'm drawing a line under it after today and want to make a fresh start. I'm up against it though, as I can't make a meeting for the next 3 weeks due to no childcare and I've got the same problem re the gym.

But never mind the problems, I need to find solutions. If DH is back from work in time I will leg it down to my meeting and weigh in. And tomorrow where I would have gone to the gym I will exercise at home.

Tomorrow lunchtime I will get my recipe books out and plan some nice food for my evening meals.

I've also ordered a book from Amazon 'The beck Diet Solution'. It's a cognitive behavioural help book, to help you understand why you break your eating plans, why you sabotage, how to deal with challenges, etc. My friend has been following it for a fortnight and is finding it very useful. I'm hoping to as well, because it's not about food, is it? Not really, not deep down.

Need to focus on the whole picture.
Good luck for this week, I'm sure you'll get quickly back into it. x
Hello :) here to follow ur progress xxx
Thanks for the support guys. I'm at the start of a new week, sat here surrounded by ww recipes, my tracker and my Beck workbook. I'm finding Beck really helpful alongside ww, it's helping me to focus and i can use the techniques to refocus as many times a day as I want or need to.

I've not been able to make a meeting the last week and it'll be another week before i can get to one. So rather than using it as an excuse to go mad I'm turning it around by saying I'd like to go back to my meeting with a loss.

And more incentive- we've booked a holiday! We go the beginnning of July so plenty of time to lose a decent amount of weight and feel better on the beach!

I'm also going to commit to posting more on here. I avoid this place when I know I'm being rubbish, but it's when i'm feeling weak that i need here.

Meal planning awaits tonight!
Nothing like a holiday to perk up the enthusiasm to loose some weight . We are off to france in August and it def is focusing me. :D. Well done motivating yourself without the classes. Keep it up !!

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