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Monday 8th September WI thread

Yeah I'm early, so sue me :p lol

You guys know the drill and for any newbies that don't, if you're getting weighed tomorrow make sure you come back and jot your results down on this thread so we can all give you a nice big cheer.

Anyone wanna lay down a number they reckon we can hit tomorrow?

I'll start us off with an easy 28lb ;)
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my WI tomor with clother on I reckon I'll be about 67kgish
Grrr... I'm useless with kg! lol
think its about 10st6???
Oooh!!! Nice one! Well good luck for tomorrow then chick! :D You get weighed in the am?
Yeah at about 930, I'm hoping it's less than 67....65 would be lovely but I reckon I'd have to go to chem in a bikini hahaha
good luck to u all on ur monday WI .im hoping for 4 lbs .not until 4.15 (when im full of water),
Good luck to the Monday Club. Alas, due to a meeting at work I am going to have to postpone my WI till Tuesday (If I can't WI first thing then I don't WI at all that day!!!!)

I am hoping for 4lb but would be happy with 3.



Is Irrepressible!! : )
Anything would be nice! I will hope for 3... but I had a couple of good weeks recently including the one when it was totm, so who knows. It could be my turn for a crappy one....
Today at phrmacy I'm 66.6kg which is approx 10st5 so I have lost 2.4kg approx 4lbs :D At homes (our scales show the same) with no clobber on I'm 65.5kg which is 10st3lb which is a 6lb loss :D
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-3lb this week, happy with that as have not been very good at sticking to the "no food" this week, and am now the lightest I have been for 2 decades. Have revised my target from 12st 6 to 12st (although may yet try for 11st 11) as a way of re-motivating myself to stick to the regime. Very happy with the way I look now, but want to go the extra bit to remove the final last bit of flab. Week 7 will be a good one (I hope!)!
i lost 2 and a half pound!!! good luck to everyone getting weighed today x
Well done everyone so far!!

I'll be off to pick up the mrs (lol) in a minute for our WI's!


a new way of living!
I dont get weighed till next week as i am doing fortnightly at the moment.. however....

I did measure myself....

in total since starting I have lost:

bust: -4 inches (minimal drop in cup size)
waist: -5.5 inches :D:D
Hips: -6.5 inches :D:D:D

so i'm very happy, total inch loss of 16 inches in 9 weeks!
And that's not counting all of the places you didn't measure! Woohoooo Helen, well done babe! :) x


a new way of living!
heres hoping there is another couple of inches off the old thunder thighs! ;)
And we're back!!

Medea lost a staggering 4lb :D :party0011:

rainbow brite lost a respectable 3lb :D :party0011:

All in all happy bunnies :)
Hi guys - 51bs loss for me bringing my total to 361bs. Am re-feeding tomorrow for hols and am quite nervous to be honest! I like my little comfort zone at the minute but my goal was 281bs for hol so am well in front. well done all Monday weigh ins so far....

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