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Monday Chit Chat

Happy Monday to all!!

What are we all upto today?

I am off to work at 12 :( first day back in a week...so will see what havoc has been caused over the past week!

Then it's home...go on a walk with Adam, which is only 2 miles, but its all up and down hill! So it's knackering enough!!

Sooz xx
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Oh Id love to be off at 12! Im in work until 5.30 then Im off to the gym.

This is my first day. I had a strawberry shake for brekkie. Not too bad!
I HATE doing the late shift. Im working 12-7! I am one of these strange people that would rather go into work at 6am to finish at 2pm!

Well done for starting your first day :)

My OH is trying the shakes out as well...he's wanting to lose a bit of weight...he had the strawberry one too, and quite likes it :D
the 2 mile walking sounds great tho. well what am i to do. gonna go out in a bit to get something for water retention and dinner tonight. interesting i know !!

had the banana shake for breakfast which was yummy. shocked myself tho, when opened the cupboard someone had opened an easter egg....the look and smell of the chocolate didnt even tempt me !! not once. so proud of myself

have a great day guys
I agree starting at 6 and finishing at 2pm would be bliss...I work really horrible shifts with no sense to them should of been onn 11am-9pm today for three days but on annual leave to decorate....and of course without your web cams you wont be able to see the paint brush and rollers in my hands as I speak lol...I have only just got up and found my motivation is still asleep somewhere bet go hunt for it...well when I have had another cup of tea....hope everyone has a lovely day at work and it will soon be over...xx
I start at 6am every morning, I can finish officially at 2pm but I stay until 2:50pm then go and pick eldest son up from school. I'm on flexi time, so I save my flexi up and then have time off during the holidays.

Rachl - the banana shakes are my favourite flavour too. I don't have any left though (boo hoo).

Had to take eldest son for a filling today, poor thing, it was a really big one too. He was very brave though bless him!
adam wants to loose weight? i thought he was happy. ive been in uni for photoshop lessons all day. locked myself out the room so got my best mate to climb through my open window haha. i really wanna join the uni gym but its always full of rugby boys and id feel so self conscious.
iv been at work all day (well for 5 hours) and iv spent the rest of the day watching tv :p

its been my utter lazy day but i do walk a mile to and from work everyday so i got a bit of exercise in!

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