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***monday***hr by hr***

morning susan......had a great weekend thanks, walked MILES with my darling boyfriend and went to the gym!!! (not what i'd have classed as a good weekend a few months ago) AND stuck to sole source!! Hope you had a good weekend hun x
It is quiet!

I didnt have a great weekend with food but only had a small amount of choc yesterday which is good for me! But todays another day. My whole team didnt have a good one but its a new week and i aim to be on keto on wednesday - on the plus the water retention is slowly going, 3lbs of water gone since saturday thank god.

Just having coffee and water at the moment porridge in a bit.


always lurkin around!
hi every1 just had a brew and a porridge ..had a pretty rubbish weekend really been in agony with my shoulder :cry: slept most of yesterday (was pain killer induced) so wasnt a good sleep and feel like i have a hang over this morning :( only good thing is i havent eaten anything im not suppose 2.. gotta go get ready now gotta take my car for its 1st service put it off 4 a couple of weeks now but u know wat men are like about these things hubbys drove me mad about it this week ..so it gotta be done.. sorry 4 the moan:( hope u all have a good day xx
Well I took my mum dad hubby and kids to the pub for dinner on sunday they all ate huge plate fulls and I just had a glass of water.
Its my birthday next Saturday but my daughter will be at her dads so I took them out for MY birthday meal early, next weekend I will have to buy a birthday cake for them all to eat.lol.
lol, Lets ban Birthdays.
I had my 55th birthday last Saturday....... very depressing lol.
I slept late this morning coz i was looking at the gallery until 2.30 last night, looking at all the amazing pics. I should really go to the gym but I have to go to my mum and dads soon to take care of them. I do it on Mon, Wed and Fridays - they are old, awww, bless em.
Went out yesterday shopping and bought myself some new makeup. My old stuff is a bit OLD lol, I hardly ever wear makeup but thought I would start to wear it after I caught a glance of myself in a mirror yesterday when I was in the shop, Blimy I looked rough. Pale, and unkempt, even my daughter said I looked pale. So lets hope it was just a blippy day, I did feel rubbish like I had said on here, but I dont know what caused it. I feel a bit better today though.
Weigh day on Thursday for me, so im hoping for a good loss this week.
Have a good day girls.
Lynne x
Lynne, got a little tip for you, i've just bought pink cream blusher and just put it on the apples of my cheeks, looks ace and really brightens my face up when i'm having my pale rough days!!!! and boy do i have them!!!!

Sue121.....sending you a ((((((((hug)))))))) your allowed to moan!!! hope you have a good day too
Im defintely getting that then GT! I look like a ghost most mornings im so pale!

On second pint of water and coffee. And had porridge not bad and now am watching the oc, oh happy days.


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I am sooo cold today! Just can't seem to warm up at all. Don't mind as long as it is ketosis though. Good luck this week everyone! x


I lurve lurve lurve bars
Hi all,some days it doesnt matter what I do I just look awful thats also the days when I bump into everyone I havent seen for ages!!
I went away this weekend to Hastings hubby had large portion of chips,I had large bottle of water,no comparison really!!
Ive just had a chicken and mush soup, its warmed me right up.yummmmy.xx


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Scales flickering to the stone below this a.m. so with any luck it will show on CDC#s scales by Weds. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


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on my 2nd day of ss after a week on 1200-3000....lol
had 2 halfs of shakes, going to see my cdc tonight, she thinks i`m doing well, dreading to see the damage i did last week. but in fairness wasn`t my fault, i wasn`t ready to move up, will be ready next time.

have a good day everyone.


always lurkin around!
hi every1 just got bk in flippin cold outside..got my pjs on now and made a hot choc so feel all nice and warm.im happy 2 say ive been really good though..:) not sure how im doin it but i am ... although my mum brought some huge double choc cookies yesterday i had 2 make hubby and the dogs eat it :eek: or it would have called 2 me ... :thankyou: clare hugs to u 2 hun:D.. gonna see if i can drink some water i think dont really feel like it wen its cold xx


please try again
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evening all!

well back from cardiff, can i turn round and go straight back? :(
really missing him but hes coming here next week for a full week yay!
oh and stuck to plan while i was there, bless him kept offering me food telling me its just protien

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