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***monday***hr by hr***


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Hi all, nearly a litre of water down, just gonna make a hot choc shake :)

Hope everyone is well xx

Sarah x
OMG , ive just had my last porridge and I dont see my cdc until wednesday, what am I gonna do.lol.
Morning everyone - 1 and a half litres down and I have had a bar this morning.

I have decided to only have bars 3 days a week because they seem to bring on cravings which I could really do without!

Does anyone else have this problem??
I only have the bars on my wi night as a treat because I just wanted more and more.


Trying to stay healthy!
Morning all, 1 half litres water down, 1 vanilla shake done! Going back to SS after my day off has been hard but i have managed it somehow, just hoping it hasn't affected my WI tomorrow too much!

I have only been having 1 bar a week too as i don't want to feel too tempted to eat them they are moreish!!

Have a good day all

Morning everybody, Here I am again lol.
Hope everybody is geared up for a smashing week again this week.
Thanks for helping me through this horrible cold, its still here but I dont feel quite so wiped out.
I ate twice yesterday, and you know I dont like talking about food on here, because I dont like reading about it either, but I had 2 scrambled eggs on toast, then about 8 hours later I had a bit of spag on toast again. I am obviously not in ketosis lol. But I think everybody was right and I did need to eat something. I almost fainted when I got up to make the spag on toast, but dont feel quite so faint now. This cold has been horrible.
I haven't put any weight on according to my scales so I am still about 4 lbs down from my weigh in last Thursday.
My tummy is complaining now, rumbling away because it was HIT by so many carbs and the bulk of food yesterday lol. But guess what..... its not getting anymore lol.
Love Lynne xxxxx
just take it easy lynne make sure you are better before doing cd ss could you try ss+ or 810 for a few days to get your strength back??
I'll think I should be ok now Susan. I'm going to have a shower and get dressed. Ive been in jimjams since friday night, with the odd showere and change of course lol.
I already have milk in my cups of tea so dont want to push it any further.
My poor dog is so bored its a shame. I bet he thinks I dont care. Hes fast asleep next to me but its one of those 'nobody loves me im too bored to stay awake' sleeps that only dogs can do. He keeps opening one eye to check if I am doing anything ineresting.
Lynne x
Hi all im late on today! am on pint 6 now and only had 1 porridge, but will go and grab the other in a moment, but might not as im not feeling hungry, not surprised thr amount of water i have had so far!
Well its just turned really cold over the last half an hour.

Im 5pints down, 1 porridge and a hot toffee and walnut, so far so good.xx
Im showered, dressed, blinged up and having a cuppa. Feel a lot better now, just need to tidy my bedroom, it looks like a bombs dropped here. Last time I was dressed was Friday night to go to the halloween bash, so, as you girls will all be familiar with, my trying on clothes are scattered all over the floor where i flung them when I came home too poorley to care!! Added to that confusion is the irioning board and iron, about ten pairs of shoes, all my dirty washing that wizzy has made nests in during the last couple of days, a million and one nasty paper hankies, empty lem sip satchets, about five pairs of baggy worn jim jams, saturdays newspapers, sundays newspapers, ..........etc,etc,etc, wheres Yul Brynner when you need him.
Anyway, i think I am better lol, but am I ready to face that lot?????? NOPE LOL
Lynne x


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Evening all, I am late on here today.

I've had porridge for breakfast, banana shake for lunch, an orange bar for 'dinner' and have either a Toffee & Walnut or Butterscotch shake for tea. I've done 6 pints of water so far and am still glugging.

I did feel very strange this afternoon - I was in my other car (not the MR2) and I couldnt remember how to work the windscreen wipers at all, luckily I was in a carpark at the time and I also feel like I have been on a ferry and am all woozy and unbalanced :(. My Brain figured it out eventually, but it was very weird.

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