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Monday Weighers

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by kelly_333_333, 19 October 2009 Social URL.

  1. kelly_333_333

    kelly_333_333 Kelly Manton

    Today I have lost another 1lb which means I get my 2 stone award :)
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  3. Sticky

    Sticky I will succeed!!!

    Well done Kelly! And good luck everyone else xxx
  4. Mrs V

    Mrs V Loves Life!

    Well done Kelly!!!

    I've lost 3lbs this week, bringing my current total weight under 200lbs!
    Only 2lbs to go for my 7 and half stone award!

    Good luck everyone today!!!!
  5. Sarah-Jayne

    Sarah-Jayne Gold Member

    Well done Kelly and Mrs V!!!
  6. scouzer

    scouzer Want to do it this time!!

    Well done Kelly!! I weigh in later today as well I hope I'm able to lose this week too!!

    Scouzer. X
  7. henna!

    henna! I can do this............

    Well done kelly and Mrs V another fantastic week of weight loss for both of you!! Good luck to all monday weighers! x
  8. ddrgirl4eva

    ddrgirl4eva Full Member

    Well done Kelly and everyone else! that is great!! I only lost half a pound this week, but it is my star week and over weekend I had a dominos pizza with all the extras, then yesterday went to harvestor and had a burger and chips and cake etc! so kind of lucky I lost at all!!
  9. cocktailprincess

    cocktailprincess Still rockin' it

    Well done Kelly and Mrs V on your milestones!
    ddrgirl- half a pound is a packet of butter! Amazing considering your challenges this week

    I lost 1.5lb which means I have now lost 30% of my starting body weight
  10. poppyowner

    poppyowner Silver Member

    Been off plan since Friday -

    GAINED 3 lbs this week !!! :(

    My own fault - no-one else to blame!

    Back on plan today

  11. Donnie46

    Donnie46 Slow but sure....

    Well done to you all. X

    Good luck to all Monday WI's.
  12. DisneyMumma

    DisneyMumma Full Member

    Fantastic news. Well done to both yourself and Mrs V on the great progress.

  13. tfmd

    tfmd Silver Member

    well done to all the 'losers' this week...
    I am not sure how i've done am weighing later.
    Good luck to all weighing later too

  14. hobbithead

    hobbithead Full Member

    4lbs off for me this week, very chuffed. Well done to the loosers so far:D
  15. scouzer

    scouzer Want to do it this time!!

    Only lost a kilo this week (2.2 pounds) :cry:. Was expecting so much more seeing as I was good the whole week and went to the gym 3 times (1hr workouts).
    Oh well, at least it's another 2 pounds gone forever ad ever ad ever :D

    Congrats again everyone.

    Scouzer. X
  16. StarvinMarvin

    StarvinMarvin Member

    First ever weigh in

    I weighed in for the first ever time tonight and have lost 2.5 lbs. Am really pleased with that, found my first week quite easy..and have stuck to the plan 100% :D
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  17. henna!

    henna! I can do this............

    Well done to each and every one of you!! You Monday weighers are always a hard act to follow for us tuesday weighers!! x
  18. aimeesmumy2007

    aimeesmumy2007 Full Member

    I lost 1.5lb over 2weeks. I didnt go last Monday as I felt guilty for having a chinese on the friday & we went Harvester on the saturday lol. I didnt want to know wether id gained as id feel guilty so I skipped class (naughty me) hehe :D
  19. Vodkamonster

    Vodkamonster Full Member

    I lost 4 lbs last night!!! :party0011: And I won Slimmer of the Week!!!! :winner:

    Only 1 lb to go to Target now!!!! :character00180:
  20. Vodkamonster

    Vodkamonster Full Member

    Just realised too that I've hit the 50 lbs mark!!! Yippeee!!!! :D:D:D

    Well done to everyone! Especially those with awards! xx
  21. Lianna

    Lianna Silver Member

    i lost 1lb this week better than noting

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