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Monday Weighers!


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(Hoping a thread hasn't already been done but I cant see one?!)

I've just got back from my weigh in. Missed 2 weeks as I missed one week due to work and we didn't have a group bank hol Monday.
was hoping for a STS but.......
I loss 3lbs!!! :D
So happy!!!
Also gets me my 1 stone award!!! Yey!!! :clap:
So how did everybody else do??
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Slow but sure....
Well done you, that's excellent.

Good luck all Monday WI's.


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Just done my first day :S and feeling good already.. I shall post on this next monday to tell you howi do =]


I can do this............
Well done smokes!

I lost 2lb tonight my first loss since the end of november! So im over the moon!

Good luck to any other monday weighers!


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Well done henna!!
Its such a great feeling isn't it??
I was feeling a bit fed up before Christmas as weight loss had really slowed down and at my last weigh in if i lost 1lb i would have got my stone award but only managed 1/2lb which annoyed me!! So I think the not being too strict over Xmas actually did me a bit of a favour!!!


I can do this............
I know what you mean! Would seem you have the half a pound curse too! That always happens to me! It good to be back on a roll! Well done on your 1 stone award heres to you getting your 1.5 stone award in the next few weeks.

Good luck for the week ahead x


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I put on 3lb...that is the target I set for myself though, so actually pretty pleased!! :D


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Well done on your losses Smokes and Henna :clap: And well done Vikstar on staying within the target you'd set yourself :clap:


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Well I gained 5lbs but it is totally expected due to not being on plan for over two weeks I did enjoy myself too! Back to it now! well done everyone else :)


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I think it's ok to put on weight as long as you do get straight back on it. Still need to plan this week's meals and get sorted...but that really helps you to stay on track!

Good luck to all for this coming SW week!!! :D



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Well done to you all. The most important thing is getting back on it once you have had a break :)


Gin and tonic please!
Hello all,
Well I went to the WI last night after two weeks of festive gluttony, fully expecting to have put on at least half a stone, especially as it is star week. I had a gain of 3lbs, which I'm pretty thrilled with!
Really happy to be back on plan, I bought the new book and popped to the shops after group so am a fully armed fruit and veg warrier, ready for the week.

Well done to all Monday weighers! :D