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Monday WI

OMG, I'm dreading the WI tonight after a week and a half off plan - well it was my 30th birthday!! :bday: I haven't been totally stupid but I have had some naughty foods, meals out and freely flowing alcohol!!! :whistle:

My birthday was the motivation for my weight loss so far, but have decided to carry on now... Have never had a weight gain or sts since joining SW so will be a bit gutted if get one now! But it would have been worth it!! :D

Good luck to the Monday weighers!!! xx
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:birthday: Happy Belated 30th!! Sounds like you had a good one :)
Good Luck with your WI later...

Good luck the rest of the Monday Weighers xx


is getting better at it
happy belated birthday wishes, at least by going tonight you will know what the damage is if any then you can get back on track
You've done so well so far, thats brill and even if tonight's scales show a sts or slight gain you'll be able to get rid in no time at all.

T4A xx
I came back from holiday knowing I'd had a huge gain. You are doing the best thing by getting weighed and facing up to it. I was so shocked, I lost all of my gain the following week. Good luck, you've done really well so far, you can get over a little blip x


Bring it on!
Hey one gain (if you have one) in around 4 months is not bad at all. Also at my group if someone has a gain one week and then they knuckle down and do 100% the next week they usually lose all of the gain plus a fair bit on top. Good Luck :)
I had a blow out for my 30th too, totally worth it!

Well....I need to hae a good loss this week as I gained 6lbs last week! In fairness it was the 6lbs I lost the week before through being ill, but still (I had been a bit naughty)

Been grand all week except yesterday when we went out for lunch.

Good luck everyone.
Half a lb on. :ashamed0005: It could have been much worse, considering!!! But I had a fab birth[STRIKE]day[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]week[/STRIKE] fortnight, so it was worth it!! :party0016:

I'm back on track from now, even did an exercise vid this evening, and it's back to the gym tomorrow.... :whacky068::character00115::character00116:
Well done you half a pound is nothing you will easily loose that and more next week. Glad that you had a good birthday too.
Fallen Angel How did you do that? I have never managed that much in one go!
Sorry for letting you down but I have put on 3lbs!!! Absolutley gutted. Oh well I will not be beaten so got too get back on it. :-(


Starting Again!
I can totally sympathsise. Was my birthday on Monday and I was very naughty, and yesterday so if I only gain 0.5lb I will be most chuffed!

The best part about SW (IMHO) is that you have the tools and the education on how to fix these things :)

Happy belated birthday, congrats on your small gain (or something like that), and good luck getting back on track

Natt xxx

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