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Money troubles stop my CD.

I have had to stop doing The Cambridge Diet recently because of money problems. Trouble is Im fed up I cant carry on as I am not where I want to be yet, weight-wise and as I have never been as successful as I have been on CD, I cant see myself losing enough weight on another diet. I was just wondering if I was the only person who has had to stop this diet due to money and what do you do to make sure you have the right money each week ?
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I have a student loan and use a part of that money to pay for this diet. Now I'm doing the steps up it's even more expensive as I need things next to the CB-diet sachets too.... :-(

I'm just barely getting through every month as it is. If I would have immense money probs my parents would help out but still in the plus thank god.......

Best of luck my dear,



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Hi Paul!

I sympathise wholeheartedly. I had to stop because of financial problems last June and I am back on the diet as well, because I wasn't ready to get off it.

I basically had to cut back on many (luxury) including day trips using the car, etc. I can just make it and put a few pounds (of money :p) aside each month.

I spent hours over my budget though, trying to find a way :D. Given that I need 4 shakes a day and take 2 tetras a day, it costs quite a lot :(

But I swear, if you spend time redoing your budget, I'm sure you can make it. For tips as to how to save money, I would advise a site called moneysaving.com (or something like this, you can find it if you google it). I saved a lot on my car insurance!!!!!

Keep us updated, and I really hope you'll find a solution, because in the long term, dieting is an investment: imagine all the money you'll save on medications/hospital stays etc in the future :p


I can do this.
Sorry to hear ur having money troubles... but as said, if u tighten up ur budget.. I'm sure u can find away to stay with CD, good luck.


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I know how you feel, i'm on benefit with 3 kids to look after too,I'm on 4 a day and this week it was £48 apparently different cdc charge different amounts, how about checking out the prices of all your local cdc's to see if you can make a saving or if all else fails plead with your cdc to see if they can make it any cheaper for you. sorry not much help good luck

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How much do you spend on food in a week? I know it probably doesn't compare, but having lost on slimfast for a week you could try that.. similar in the 'shake' thing but with a small meal. :) similar to SS+ but slightly more calories. :)

Also there is one other through a chemist.. that is cheaper.. is it lipotrim or something.. it is listed on this site as a section so may be worth finding out there.

Alternatively could you afford SS? 3 shakes a day? And let the CDC go to your GP?

The other thing I guess if you have to shop for food is aim to really restrict your calories.. take a multivitamin and stick to around 1000 a day.. (similar to Slimfast) you'll definately lose weight...

all options.. sorry for rambling. You have done so well and having 'tried' myself for 2 years I know how hard it is. :(Really hope you find a way around it, it's a nightmare.
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Hi Paul
Me too, had to quit in July as lost (one of my) jobs.
Back in the black and working and started CDSS begining of January - thinking my "head was in right place".... It's taken me nearly 4 weeks to get back into swing of it - but I know it's the diet for me (relatively easy, and works)...
Suggest same as above, look at your budget and make some savings. And as Elie said, site is moneysavingexpert.com.
Good luck.
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hi paul,
i no how it feels the cost of cd, every week i wonder if i am doing the right thing still paying for it due to the cost, then when i only have 2lb loses it even harder i never have big losses like others, i did not no the cost is diffrent between cdc i thought it was one set price for everyone, i hope you can find away to work it out for your diet
good luck maria xx
Could you afford two packs and then follow the 1000 cal plan in the yellow weight care with Cambridge booklet. Losses are still good on this and you will be getting 1/2 of your nutrition fromt the packs and the rest from healthy food?

This might be an option for you.

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