monies involved with setting up as a CDC?

Hi to everyone out there!
i would like to say firstly how CD has changed my life!:)

i have IBS and these packs are a life saver for me when my tummy is really bad!

in actual fact these packs are a life saver full stop.
i lost 3 stone in 2 months last year and have kept the weight off ever since.
i recently did put a little bit back on but after 5 days of SS its all gone again!
no other diet in the world could do this and also make you feel so good!
you go to sleep on monday feeling fat, and wake up on friday feeling slim and great!

anyone - enuf chit chat.
i really want to know about the money involved in setting up initially as a CDC??
i have spoken to my own CDC and she says i need to buy 1 pack of everything to get started?
thats an awful lot of money in one hit and i dont know that i can afford it?
i have dreamt of becoming a CDC and helping others as i was helped.
i work in a hospital, and all my work friends want to try this diet and ask me to get packs for them.
i explain that i cant and then they all ask me to train as a CDC quickly to help them.
i always tell them the same story - i'd love to but i cant afford to get started??

There must be an easy way as you cant all be millionaires can you??:confused:

please help
yours confused lovies :wave_cry:
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Can't help on the CDC front, but just wanted to say well done on maintaining your loss!


CW Consultant

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Once you are accredited as a CDC you can buy up to two starter packs in your first 6 months. These include all flavours you need to get started.

I always do swaps with my counsellors so for instance if you bought six boxes of diet from CD you could save one third of each box and bring the rest over to change for all the other flavours to give you a good selection.

Once things start moving you shouldn't have a problem.

thanx guys,
thats a good idea!
my CDC told me that i have to buy a full box of everything so that i can get started, and thats including all the bars and tetris bricks??
i dont have that kind of money!!
if it all comes as a starter pack tho, then that will make it all more managable i hope!?
thanx for your help and suggestions.
i cant wait to get started helping others to lose the weight as i have.
its great!