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monkey see monkey do..


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You know what they say, kids pick up everything from their parents.
Well, my 3yr old daughter has started regularly getting on and off the scales to 'be like mommy'.
This has worried me, but also has shown to me how much I obviously get on the bloody things.
I don't want my little princess to be hung up about herself like I am. I am very careful about what I give her to eat because with the genes she has (me 23st and daddy 18st and diabetic) poor kid doesn't really stand a chance!!!!
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Ah bless. Sounds like you're a great mum and doing all you can to help her be healthy :)


please try again
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aww bless her

my wee girl sits with her dinner and wont eat as she keeps telling me to get my dinner

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Eek. Maybe take them away altogether and only weigh yourself behind closed doors. I mean we use the scales to motivate oursleves but it's about our shape and how we feel rather than the numbers. Gosh how do you make light of scale hopping? They really do pick up on everything don't they! Oh i'll have this all to come one day :)

Good luck with that one. Great that you're teaching her healthy eating habbits. We know so much more now than when we were growing up. Ah we live and learn.

Hugs xxx


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I share these problems! My 3yr old DD has copied me and jumped on the scales, so now keep them away from her and hop on them when alone!
Also says to me most nights "You go have your soup now mommy and then you can come to bed, and i will sleep with you in the morning!" I do pretend to take food she gives me directly, luckily she either hasn't picked up on the whole not eating thing, just knows i have a thing for soup! xx


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My lil girl does this...shes only 15months though, she doesnt quite understand what I am doing and I dont see it as a problem tbh. I weigh myself literally everytime i go toilet which is loads and she will follow me sit on her potty then jump on the scales I find it rather cute lol.


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My kids are constantly asking me 'what can you eat mummy', 'can you have this mummy' and when I was on ss, 'why cant you eat like us mummy' its so difficult to explain to them, so I tend to lock myself in the bathroom when I weigh, cant be doing with them asking about that too!


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Oh bless, good solution though!!

I think i am glad now that i made the decision to loose massive weight while my girl is still way to young to understand! I can understand your troubles so well! I grew up with parents constantly watching their weight and health, it made me "rebel" when i was a teenager which of course (duh) made me grow massively and i was never able to recover from it (until now :p). I certainly don't want my girl to grow up like that and feeling she has to "rebel" when shes able to. (and secretely im still hoping she has her fathers metabolism...lol he can eat everything :S)

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