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Monthly Weighers!


I have made a resolution - I won't touch my scales for a whole month!!

I know the weekly weigh in might motivate people to stick to plan but to be honest I always find it quite depressing to see a STS or like last night a 3 pound weight gain (all I've lost I put back on!!!)

I will start a trial month today and was wondering if anyone wants to join me??
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Oops yes o.k.!! [see my response to your earlier post on the subject]. I'm always up for a challenge.....I take it you mean four weeks from today, and not by date? I shall hide my scales in the back of the airing cupboard. If I can't find them on 20th July, just remind me where they are :) p.s. let me know if you're doing it by date, so we can run neck and neck!!
Cool! Well I thought I might go by date - so today is the 22nd of June and I will weigh myself on the 22nd of July. It's just easier to remember :) Got my hubby to hide the scales as well ..hehe..all the best!!! (and I hope the look at the scales on the 22nd - or the 20th - will be a success!!)
Well, here I am - only a day early because we have a meeting from work today and there will be quite a bit of food and I don't want it to show on the scales tomorrow morning:)
I lost 2.1 kg (or 4 pound!!)...which is cool - I didn't expect that much but my patience paid off. When I weighed in every week I could only see minor changes but now I leave the scales in the cupboard and only think about following the plan, without stressing! Though I have to admit I didn't stick to it 100% at the weekends as I have been invited a lot, so even better for the loss :) Let's hope there will be a loss next month, too!! See you on the 22nd of August :)

How about you woodmouse??
Well done on your loss judywoody!

Like you I found having the longer period before a weigh in helped me follow the plan without stressing. Even though I'm only answerable to myself, I still found I was getting a bit screwed up inside before my weekly wi day, and this always led to mind games where I would try to adjust my food intake to influence the scale if my 'peeks' didn't show what I thought they should!

Anyway, I'm really pleased with my result as you can see by what I posted yesterday on the Wednesday Weighers thread:

"Four weeks ago I thought I'd stop weighing weekly and see if that would help me concentrate more on my eating and less on the mind games. I was more than happy this morning to see I'd lost 8lbs over the four weeks - nearly twice my usual rate - this is amazing as I have a bad hip problem and haven't been able to walk very far for some time, so I get hardly any exercise to speak of. Of course during the month I did have the odd peek at the scales, but found the pressure was off and I think I relaxed more into the plan.

Not for everyone though, so good luck and success to all the Wednesday Weighers! :)"

You'll see the scales didn't stay hidden in my airing cupboard for long - but I think their evil spell has been well and truly broken!

I'm very grateful to you for putting the monthly weighing option in my mind.

Yes, see you around, and definitely in a month's time..... and keep enjoying those weekend invitations :)
Heyyy...that's fantastic!!!!
I bet that gave you a great boost :) I'm also one of those people who would sneakily weigh herself in between - but this time I didn't!! Very proud of myself :) (put the scales somewhere inconvenient anyway...it's a bit annoying to pull them out all the time...)

I hope I will lose the same amount next time - because I just started SW again and I am 13 stone so I was expecting a bit more but never mind..even if it is just 2 pounds next month...it all adds up!!
Thank you! I was resigned to a 4lb loss, but hoping for more, and I'm really pleased.

I think I've probably cracked the portion control demon now (fingers crossed) and am eating exactly what I feel like eating at the time. Not sure how I could cope if I had lots of 'foody' outings, though I expect I could work out a few non-sabotage strategies.....

I've lost 21lbs since mid April, doing SW on my own and with the help of this terrific site, and keep a food diary on my wp - the current page looks great as I was able to string three coloured SW weight loss stickers across the top yesterday. I think I should be back in Kindergarten!!

Yes - so long as the scales show a loss we should be happy.
yes! me too - I've been trying to stop eating once I am full and it worked quite well. Keep up the good work!

I hope more people will join us :)

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