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Mood swings?!

Hi all, I'm sure this is covered elsewhere, so forgive me for asking if that's the case - but is it normal to experience mood swings while on LL? I'm only on day 9, and have noticed that I can change from being totally euphoric one minute, to ratty as hell the next - often for no apparent reason. It only seems to happen in the evenings - I've been feeling great during the daytime. Now, it has to be said that I've always been a bit of an emotional sort :D but this is definitely worse than usual. I snap out of the rattyness as quickly as I snap in to it, so I'm not hugely worried about it, but just wondered if it was a common "side-efffect", and if so, does it last long? Many thanks!
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I just asked my hubby - he said I had my moments.... ;)

Its hardcore what we do on this diet - you are entitled to have little blow outs. People just have to understand. As long as you snap out of it, or if not at least recognise and explain/apologise, people should understand.

My OH said for me it was ore from the middle to the end of the diet.

I think he is a big fat liar though. :D


I Can Do This!
Funny - my OH seems to think I'm calmer and a lot more reasonable than I was before I started! I guess we're all different. :p
hi there
- the first 4 or 5 weeks i was evil!!! really snappy and would fly off the handle at husband and kids at the slightest thing

9 weeks on i'm a changed person! i'm actually much better than before LL - happier and slimmer too!
daisy x


...we're sinking deeper.
o_O ... I thought it was just me being more screwy than usual... I swear since I started doing this again my moods have been so unpredictable even for me! One minute I'm fine, the next the SMALLEST thing pisses me off... then as soon as it came, it's gone.
Thank god I haven't gone crazy.
Apparently there's more oestrogen in the hardcore fatty cells (that go last) so I got more emotional in the last few weeks of LL so it may not be over yet ;). Oh and of course the fact I couldn't hide feelngs with food anymore meant I had my moments in the first few weeks too.
Ewwwww - we're in it for the long haul then! Ah well, we'll both (me and OH) appreciate the new slim-line me, and everything worth having involves some sort of hardship to get it - I'm sure I'll be positioning it as a benefit of LL shortly :D


...we're sinking deeper.
Apparently there's more oestrogen in the hardcore fatty cells (that go last) so I got more emotional in the last few weeks of LL so it may not be over yet ;). Oh and of course the fact I couldn't hide feelngs with food anymore meant I had my moments in the first few weeks too.

Ohhhh whaaaaat... the fat cells I'm losing now have been there since I was a child.. ...this will be an interesting few months ahead .... :rolleyes:
Hey - we are WOMEN!!

Noticed that the guys haven't chipped in here?
We are ALLOWED to have mood swings, it comes with the job. It's expected !!
Seriously though. I know when I was morbidly obese (off the scale) I was unwell, unhappy and quite angry and very quick to be stroppy, sarcastic and often quite cutting to other people I am embarrassed to realise now. I often thought I was being witty or funny.
Now I am definitely calmer and happier. I still have my moments, but I have noticed the atmosphere around me especially at home is much more pleasant. I know my hubby appreciates the change and is very prouud of me and happy for me (and himself!!).


Surgically happy.
Yes I've had mood swings but I always did - I think its just for different reasons now.

Eta: funnily enough I swung from really happy to really upset last night and paid for it in terms of one of "those" dreams. In them I hinged all night on fast food or was otherwise ostracized. This isn't a new pattern - when upset I've always thought or dreamt this way and I think it's a hold over from before when I expected anything negative to mean the end of something e.g. my inferiority complex telling me that if you have a disagreement with someone they will leave you. In the dream I felt that several times.

The irony is that in my making hours I no longer even think about food when I'm upset - the thought of it offers no comfort probably because eating that way was as much a punishment as it as a comfort and I no longer believe I desrve to be punished.

Sorry gone off the point - it's just that I no longer know what causes the swings. I'm hoping it's the extremeness of the diet but I suspect it is still a set of issues I need to identify and combat.
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I'm sure you are right

One thing that doing LL and talking to others who are doing, or have done, or have failed to successfully complete, has convinced me is that for the majority of us our complex relationship with food is emotionally based. Lots of factors can affect that relationship and they don't remain static.
As with any psychological conditions it will fluctuate. We have times when we feel positive and strong and able to cope and others where we are much more vulnerable and likely to give in to familiar behaviours.
Whatever the addiction - booze, drugs, gambling, spending, self-harm, other more recognised eating disorders, I believe that will be just the way of trying to cope that shows. The real struggle is hidden inside us.
LL goes quite a long way to recognising and addressing that, but it's only a start ( at least it is a start) and has helped raise awareness and get the debate going in the wider community.
Those of you who know my ranting on here will have heard me say before that I don't understand why anorexia and bulimia are treated as psychological illnesses and obesity until now has just meant you are a pig. How does that equate?
Also to people who say "I don't have any psychological issues, I just love food".
I used to say that too, until I was ready to deal with and confront those demons it's a way of putting it off.
Haven't you noticed on here when people have a tough time and struggle, they sometimes say, oh no nothing emotional, I just lapsed, and then a little while later they come back and tell us the real reason? Quite a few occasions spiring easily to mind.
Anyway - I'm off to see my Mum today -
that's another whole complex story !!!!
So have a nice day everyone. Looks like the weather will be kind.
Now - what to wear that Mummy will approve of???????????? (I'm 54 - issues? moi?)
Yup I have mood swings too, mostly from happy/elevated to frustration with work or boredom with non-work times, it's very rare that I feel sad or anything close to it.

I did have a very emotional talk to myself earlier today which concluded in about 10 minutes of crying though, but they were mostly joyous tears :)

You aee bound to feel emotional when you have time to reflect on the changes that are going on in your life at the moment.
I bet your Dad is really proud of your achievements isn't he?
Congratulations. xx

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