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mood swings?


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not sure if its because of LT or whether its because im not using food to plug those emotional gaps we all get, but one minute i find im feeling absolutely up in the clouds and nothing could be better and then an hour later, feel rubbish and want to give up (know i wont but it goes round in my head).

anybody else get these dips or is it just cause food isnt there to fill those feelings and im noticing it more??

h xx
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ive been a bit moody at times, i dunno what it is?

but to be honest, im having more ups than downs and definatly in a better mood since starting LT, instead of constantly feeling guilty about eating rubbish and feelin crap cos of being overweight


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My OH reckons I get a bit defensive...not moody as such, just a bit tetchy and he says this has been since I started losing weight....


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im a right moody cow when im on LT , think thats why it asks about depression on the forms you fill in at the beginning hun , how you doing harriet ? im on week 8 i think ive stopped counting now and ive lost 8lb this week cant believe it only 2 weeks left till refeed xx


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G: 68kg
hi lillie :) thats fantastic your doing so well. didnt think id be going down this route of using lt again but hey lol yeah im doing ok, ill be glad to come off it as im finding the weeks dragging a bit but im going til 11 weeks then if theres anything left to lose, ill calorie count til thats gone. i bet your glad there only two weeks left to refeed arent you..i cant wait lol still, at least theres no major holidays (ie easter) or something to weaken the resolve :)

im not sure about this moody thing. i dont get moody as such, just either down in the dumps or high as a kite lol...emotions, hey, who'd have um lol

h xx


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I've been really grumpy for the last few day, really tired, and for no reason, but biting my tongue. I think it is TOTM is due and my normal chocolate fix is not available. I supposed it is all part of the learning curve to healthy eating afterwards.


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I've noticed that I get really depressed for no reason!
Somedays I just don't want to get out of bed and face the world....but once I'm around people my mood changes. I don't know why...but it just happens!

I do tend to be a bit more grouchy in the mornings...when I get woken up....but hey...don't wake me up! haha


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I noticed the first week i was quite moody but after the first weigh in, my mood has really lifted, it really helps when the weight loss becomes noticable. xxx


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I wonder if before we stopped eating food that we became used to the up and down that food gave us, such as coffee and sugar based foods......

The ups on this diet are quite noticable so does this make the low's seem lower because of this?

I feel lower like now when i've not been successful or before I even thought about Lipotrim when I was 50lb heavier...start thinking back to how life was when you struggled into your clothes and how much better and healthier you are looking and feeling now. Stay positive you can do this!
Isn't that a trait of a women, one minute your up and one minute your down:p:D

Your doing good pet xxx


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Hi Harriet,
sorry you are getting ups and downs, thankfully I have felt more on an even keel since starting this diet as I don't have the sugar highs and lows I have always had when off it. I hope it evens out for you. I edited this to say that yesterday I did feel very odd though, just not myself and again today I am cold for the first time in weeks, it is 4 weeks since my last period so perhaps that is what is happening, again hope it settles for you.
I'm fascinated by what is going on in your signature from week 5, could you explain to a nosey or just plain thick person what Gx0, Wx1, Rx1 means??? If you don't mind, that is?!
Best of luck
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I *will* be skinny again!
G: 10st5lb
I was wondering the same thing Doirin! haha

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