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Moody poody


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This afternoon has been sheer hell - i am so preoccupied with the thought of a packet of salt and vinegar mccoys. It's driving me to distraction.

I've got up and down from my desk - purse in hand - to go to the vending machine. But i've stopped myself. But now i'm in a foul mood. :mad:

And i'm weighing this evening... so i really really can't have crisps.

I feel like putting my head on the desk and having a little cry.

Moan over. Sorry people.
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Awww, don't feel like this hun. You don't really want them, you'll probably feel better if you don't have them.

If you really really do want them then have them, syn them and enjoy them.

Chin up girl. xxx

PS - the thread title did make me smile :)


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Have you had your syns today? what you eat today shouldn't affect your weight tonight anyway its too close and TBH one bag of crisps isn't going to make that much difference!!


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Aww hun Try and resist them as i think they are worth about 8.5 or something syns for the packet.

If you haven't had your syns for today then why don't you buy them and have them as a treat (counted in your syns obviously :p) after your weigh in? Xx


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Thank you girls... i know everything you've all said makes sense...

As a treat this evening, i'm having a sausage casserole (pmsl - some treat!). It actually means that I can prepare tea, leave it for my OH to put in the oven to cook so it will be ready for me after WI! lol

I know having crisps won't make an ounce of difference to my WI later - but i really need to try to not give in to these cravings. I'm not in the slightest bit hungry - i just want them.

And of course, that makes me feel as I can't ever be normal - because really, i'd like to eat crisps all day - every day. And i can't do that. Because I'm not like normal people. I have a problem with food. I'll never be normal.



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then a big well done on not giving in hun! takes alot of willpower - crisps dont bother me I am however a self confessed chocoholic!! so know exactly what you mean and I'm sure a the majority of us on this site are very very similar

Without wishing to sound like the devil on your shoulder if you are craving them so much its making you moody, just eat them. If you deprive yourself you will end up off the wagon completely and from the looks of your tickers you've lost loads of weight and don't have that far to go to get your target - would be a shame for one little packet of crisps to be the reason you don't get there.

Besides - I am reliabily informed that syns eaten on weigh in night but after weigh in do not count :) Just maybe wait til after group and don't whip them out during Image Therapy or you might have to share them!


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You could have a jacket potato with salt and vinegar on after weigh in.
Might not sound that great, but it's really yummy. (Or, hastleback potatoes would be even more crisp like).


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I think you should be very proud of yourself that you didn't give in. When I have a craving I ask a colleague or OH to help out. For example with crisps my colleague will buy a packet and I will have just 1 to rid me of the craving. But of course this will only work if you have someone willing to eat the rest and that you can stop after 1. Xx
i want crisps after reading this thread lol hope u did ok at wi x


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Thanks... i didn't have crisps... even after going to Tescos and buying a multipack of mccoys!!

I know I could have had a packet - it wouldn't have killed me. But when you are trying to be so good (and for me sometimes it's very very hard to be good!), i just felt as if I needed to show some self control. It didn't kill me - i just wasn't very happy!

I lost 1.5lbs (and it's my * week). I am going to be so good this week I'll be shining my halo!! lol

Thanks for all the advice! It's much appreciated.



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Thanks lovely.
I'm sure you would have... and the main reason I didn't want to go the shop/vending machine was that I know from experience, I wouldn't have stopped at the crisps... i know for a fact I would have had a chocolate too.

I'm an all or nothing kinda gal!!


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