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I can't stop eating. I've had a rubbish weekend... i even had a chicken tikka kebab from the Indian on Sunday night - what the hell was all that about?

Anyway, it's starting to get on my nerves now. My WI is tomorrow and i'm not looking forward to it. I need to get a grip. I'm in a bad mood and i just want to go to bed and sleep, so i can't eat.

So far today i've eaten the following:
2 crumpets;
1 scotch pancake;
1 pkt WW tortillas;
2 pkts of WW cookies;
1 tin of WW soup;
2pkts of WW savoury biscuits;
1 WW rich toffee bar...
i'm pretty sure that's it.

And i'm so tempted to go over the vending machine (which is located in a different building and i'm pretty sure it's drizzling outside!) to get a pkt of McCoys.

I need to stop as I'm doing serious damage to myself.

Sorry for the long rant. But if i'm typing it means i'm not lobbing things into my big fat mouth.

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I think it's the weather.
Just had the worst week ever, major damage done.
Just gonna forget it , that the gain
and have started a new beginning this
Morning. It's hard to b good all the time!!!!
Looks like your craving some sweetness going by what you have written down! Everyone has days like this s don't worry too much. See tomorrow after WI as a fresh start. Dont feel guilty for too long: it could end up making you eat more!


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Oh, believe you me... if I had more than 1 pkt of crisps, I would have eaten them too.

I think you are right - the weather is so miserable at the moment - it's getting me down, which spirals my eating out of control. It's just horrible. Horrible!!! I hate November.

Chin up L, it's defo the time of year chick. Think everyone feels bit low wen it starts getting cold and goes dark early. Makes u want to stay in and eat stodge! Dont think it helps that we know we can cover up in winter in baggy jumpers, cardies etc. I have felt exactly the same. Trying to stay focused for Christmas but on a bad day think it's so close it's not worth it now. The Christmas parties I'm due to go to are helping me to b good, know I won't b the size I want to b but know I will feel better about myself if I've been being good. Try to stock up on ww goodies then uve got treats if u fancy them without blowing everything and make lots of no point soups. Draw a line in the sand, dust ursrlf off and go for it after ur wi!!!!!!! Cud lose half a stone for Christmas or mayb more xx
I know how you feel i had such a bad week last week, if it weren't stuck down I'd eat it. Have had a few weeks like that now and have felt so fed up with putting weight on each week, and i know its all my doing as i'm the only one who puts the food into my mouth. At wi yesterday i asked the consultant if i could have a new card and make a fresh start, seeing my weigh going all over the place didn't help. So, today is a new start and every time i feel like having a binge I'll have a look at my old card instead.......who knows, may work.


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Thank you everyone. I think i'm a bit cheesed of with myself because i've been really enjoying WW (this time around!). I've been really enthusiastic and it's come really easy to me.

I think is the same old story about sabotage. Why do we do it to ourselves? It's madness and it just makes us feel worse about ourselves.

I can't wait to get this evening WI over and done with and move on...

Must be strong!! I really don't want to cry at the scales... it's just so embarrasing! lol

Self sabotage seems to be going around a lot just now. I personally think the change on seasons and the dark cold nights are contributing. I just want to stay in, curl up on the sofa and eat!! I need some motivation so going to the photos out tonight and find one where i am at an acceptable weight for me and stick it on the fridge. Maybe it will help :)