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  1. moonlights

    moonlights Gold Member

    Today marks my first day back on Atkins. I've done low carb before, it works better for me than anything else, but after a couple of months I find it hard to stick to.

    I also have to take certain medications now which come to 11g carbs, so I'm making my carb allowance 30g daily and spacing my meds through the day. Does this sound all right?

    Posting my menus here to keep myself on track.


    Very large boiled egg with butter
    20g farmhouse cheddar


    I have 300g mince in the fridge and am thinking about making cheeseburger pie for dinner, maybe. I'm not much of a cook though. Can anyone share their best recipe for this?
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  3. roosnanny

    roosnanny Gold Member

    hay :)
    i don't think you can go wrong with cheeseburger pie,if i can make it anyone can lol
    i got my recipe from the cooking thread.
  4. Kat1e

    Kat1e This is for life

    Hi moonlight, good to see your diary. 30g and spacing the meds sound reasonable. Good luck:)
  5. moonlights

    moonlights Gold Member

    Pie in the oven now. Never cooked anything like this. Is it meant to be in two layers or more like a quiche? My egg mix seeped down so I think it will be like a quiche. Didn't completely cover the top...

  6. moonlights

    moonlights Gold Member

    And out of the oven... I think it's done?

  7. Bolty

    Bolty Full Member

    Yummy. That's exactly what we had for tea here. Yes the egg does run into the meat.
  8. slaj

    slaj Gold Member

    Looks delicious , how did it taste?
  9. moonlights

    moonlights Gold Member

    Oh good, I'm glad it looks right. I've never even cooked mince before, only quorn mince, but I think quorn might make this too high carb.

    I left out the onions and mushrooms. Will try it soon.

    Day 1 menu:

    1 boiled egg with butter
    20g mature cheddar


    Cheeseburger pie
    (150g mince, 1 egg, 25ml cream, 1/2 tblsp mayo, 50g cheddar 2 tsp Lea and perrins)
    Green salad

    Tea x 2 with unsweetened alpro

    Promise I won't post 20 questions for every meal. Totm started today... Possibly a bad day to start a diet but actually I haven't been hungry.

    Here's what it looked like inside.

  10. Kat1e

    Kat1e This is for life

    Mmm yummy - looks perfect:)
  11. roosnanny

    roosnanny Gold Member

    oh yum !! i've not had that for ages.
    post questions you have mate,better that you ask than not.:D
  12. moonlights

    moonlights Gold Member

    Hmm cheeseburger pie was okay... Not sure I'll have it again but might do the egg mix and have it with mushrooms and bacon, or over broccoli or cauli maybe. Seems versatile that way. I think I just wasn't too keen on egg and beef.

    Proud of myself for cooking it though.

    Also I should always start diets at TOTM. Cramps mean I don't want to eat anything! Usually I eat for Britain in first couple of days low carbing.

    Plan for day 2:

    2 boiled eggs, butter

    Cheese salad maybe?

    Rump steak, mushrooms

    Plenty of tea.
  13. moonlights

    moonlights Gold Member

    Boiled eggs were funny tasting - not sure why, maybe I have ketosis tastebuds starting. Anyway only ate one.

    Day 2:

    Boiled egg, butter

    2 slices Parma ham, 50g cheese coleslaw, small salad

    Rump steak, mushrooms

    Might have some rhubarb with cream and splenda later.

    Tea with cream
  14. roosnanny

    roosnanny Gold Member

    ketone breath sure does have a taste of it's own and smell,and for some reason people
    tend to recoil from you lol ;)
    bit of gross information here,but to give yourself an idea if your breath smells or not
    lick the back of your hand and have a snifter :eek::whistle:
  15. TahjmansMum

    TahjmansMum Full Member

    Hi ML, please keep posting your photos and good luck.

  16. moonlights

    moonlights Gold Member

    Breath doesn't smell but everything tastes bitter and odd today, most curious. Have ketostix to use tomorrow.
  17. roosnanny

    roosnanny Gold Member

    beware the sticks,you can have ketones,yet nothing may show,and the more water
    you drink there won't be a trace,as you've washed them away.
    if i do use them,and it's not often i buy them anymore,i only dip first thing
    in the morning.
  18. moonlights

    moonlights Gold Member

    Well I checked last night and again this morning and both checks showed me being in deep purpley ketosis. The stix have always been ver accurate for me - first used them years and years ago (this is a new packet of course!)

    So that probably explains why things taste funny. Drinking lots so hope it passes soon.

    My flex flax has arrived but not my loaf tin - hopefully by next week I can have a go at making Katies bread.

    Zero noodles, anyone use em? I have a stash of them but they come in 200g portions and I can only ever manage half. Do they keep on the fridge do you think? And what do you do with yours?

    Plans for the day involve bacon and mushrooms, chicken thighs and some firm of vegetable matter. Maybe celeriac chips?
  19. roosnanny

    roosnanny Gold Member

    i'm not buying the sticks as i'm not in ketosis.
    not used noodles,i think some of the others may have though,the fishy slimy ones :sign0137:
    got a few things to choose from for dinner so not quite made up my mind.
  20. moonlights

    moonlights Gold Member

    I've never found the noodles fishy at all though I've heard other people say that. They are a bit slimy though.

    Only been up a few hours and now going down for a nap again. Really miss not being tired all the time.
  21. roosnanny

    roosnanny Gold Member

    you should perk up soon though ?
    not had the Atkins burst yet ?

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