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Morbi's weight loss diary

I thought I'd start a diary so i can look back on what i have achieved. I made one back in 2006, it's great to look back on it :)

I need to lose this extra weight that i've put on during my pregnancy, i ate just about everything :banghead: I feel awful looking at my body it makes me feel ill. I put on about 3 stone :(

I'm currently on SS and i'm wanting to lose about 2 and a half stone

I'll post starting pictures tomorrow i think :)

This is the 2nd time i have done the cambridge diet and i'm looking forward to it, i think it will kick me in the right direction

Current weight: 10st 4lbs
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Day 2 - SS

Today has been awful for me,
feeling dizzy, light headed, cold, hungry sick, really tired :(

I cheated a little bit and i've had a small amount of skimmed milk in some tea it made me feel a little bit better after.

I hope ketosis will kick in soon, i don't feel too good looking after my 3 month old :(
Day 3 - SS

I'm feeling better today :) Not thinking of food as much yey.
Woke up with a metallic taste in my mouth, eurghh but i don't think im in ketosis yet but i could be wrong. Still feeling really tired though :(

I'm going to try to get the photos uploaded soon, i look terrible :cry:

Just had a porridge and it tasted alot nicer than the first one i had, that was villle, probs because i frazzled it lol. I put 2 sweetners in it and i made it abit too sweet i think, i'll just try 1 next time.
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Day 5

Totally went off rails today after a great start :( I've just been so grumpy the past few days (pms i think :sigh:) I probably started the diet at the wrong time of the month gah!

The thing is i feel better now for eating and that's wrong :cry: I had a few slices of chicken and mushroom pizza from pappa johns and a shot of white rum with coke zero

Sigh back to square one :cry:
dont worry! you have a small baby to look after and i hope you dont mind me saying it, but your not fat anyway! my goal is about where you are starting off! so ease off with the pressure and i bet you'll get in the zone soon enough. good luck and keep at it.
Thanks leeds :)
I'm still overweight and i don't like it, i used to be a size 6-8 and now i'm a size 16 and it's really getting me down :( I atleast want to get a bit of weight off for xmas, new year and my birthday :)


Slowly but surely x
oh sweetheart, i feel your pain. As you are not technically as overweight as most of us, have you not considered doing SS+? It gives you a small meal to look forward to :)
Day 6

I'm not looking forward to getting weighed tonight after Sundays pizza and if i've lost any it will probably just be water weight :(

rumbly-tums, yeah i am thinking about doing SS+ on wed or just on certain days i can't wait to just eat a little food :)
Day 7

I can't believe i have lost 6lbs on my first weigh in, i'm pretty chuffed with that :)
Totally forgot to get some porridge though :( got some bars though so going to tuck into one of those tonight yum yum.

I tried a ketostix before and i *think* i might be in the first pink colour but it was hard to judge.
Day 8

I've noticed things getting alot better (food wise) I'm hardly thinking of food which is good :)
I had scrambled egg last night it was really nice :) One egg, one egg white a tiny bit of milk and some chopped mushroom but to be honest i couldn't taste the mushroom so it was a bit of a waste of time, lol.

determinator - i tried an orange bar last night, i got halfway through though and found it a bit sickly which i was disappointed about, i might have to try to maybe eat half and eat the other half a bit later
Day 13

Weigh day today i'm pretty nervous, i think i have lost a pound or 2 but not much more :( Cheated a tiny bit this week but not much, i dont know how i nearly put in 3 pounds but seem to have lost the weight that i put on which is good :)

Can't wait to get some more bars, nom nom nom. I think i like the chocolate and the cranberry ones the other ones that i tried are abit sickly i think. I think i might try a chilli soup though last time i had it i don't think i liked it :(
You seem to be back on track and as others have said your start weight is low anyway - unless of course, you are tiny ( can't see any stats on my phone)

I love the chilli soup. Funny how we all like different things.

Good luck xx
Thanks less :) Yeah i don't have much to lose but i'm just a tad bit overweight and i only have about 2 and a half stone to lose until my goal weight. I just think i need a kickstart into losing some weight if i never went on the diet i think my weight would be going up and up which would not have been good. I know i'm very close to a healthy BMI of 25 which i may hit tonight with my weigh in but i still think i may be a few lbs off.
Day 14

I had my weigh in yesterday evening and i have lost 3lbs, wahoo.
I'm going to try my best to stick to it 100% this week although i seem to be struggling at the weekend.


Slowly but surely x
its all downwards and off, regardless of how much.......hooray x
Day 15

I've been feeling a little ill since last night, been feeling sicky like i've ate something bad :-/ I can't think of what unless i undercooked the quorn that i had. I seem to have a headache this morning too :( I just feel like eating anything :(
I'm having trouble trying to get myself to sleep while i'm in ketosis and it's really bugging me because i sometimes have to get up at silly oclock with my little one.

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