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More about bars - Opinions Please?


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I read the recent thread that was posted about bars with some interest, and I am one of those people who seems to not be happy around them - I'm a classic all or nothing thinker.

This is my umpteenth restart but my 2nd "serious" go at this. Last year when I did LL I was able to stick to the programme no problem - 3 packs and 1 bar everyday. No more, no less.

I have struggled since restarting and not got properly back on the wagon since January. I am now finding it hard to stick to the programme and tend to have "bar binges". I ate 3 yesterday and have had 3 today. I had 4 a week last Friday and when I ran out I ate 7 Atkins bars on the Sunday. I have 2 left for tomorrow and Thursday (my meeting is Thursday night) but I am considering not getting any bars at my next meeting.

As fatpossum put in the original thread about bars, the thought of not having them is traumatic. Very traumatic indeed!

But I am wondering if this my best chance of succeeding at this darn programme? I know they didn't affect my weight loss first time around but they are affecting me mentally now. I think that since eating again, they are too much like food for me and maybe I need to take that step back again. It will almost be the same shock as starting the programme again, but possibly that is what I need.

I am very worried though whether if I cut out the bars that in a desperation to "eat" something I will turn to real food again. It's a dilemma for me and at the moment I don't know what to do.

Any opinions would be gratefully appreciated because I am desperate to get this 2 stone off that I regained and I am putting myself through hell all this stopping and starting.

Anyway, moan over! Help received thankfully! Perhaps if I stop the bars it might help the wind problem in this town too :eek:!
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I do so know what you mean, hun. The bars are a lifeline for me too but if getting back to basics is what it takes, then I guess that's what we have to do.....just for a little while......
Hey Sarah
It certainly sounds like you're having a bit of rough time with the bars. Who would've thought that something which tastes so odd would suddenly become a fixation! :D
It sounds like you are treating them very differently from the packs.
Is it a chewing thing? Feeling full thing? Treating them like 'real' food thing? Boredom with the packs thing?
It sounds like it's becoming a problem for you and it would be great to sort that out as you seem so motivated to crack the last few stone.
I can totally understand why they could be a problem. I try to split mine and use them when I know I'm going to be on the move and wont have the option of shaking or making up a soup. I seem to constantly have half a bar squished up in the wrapper in my bag!

It sounds like the emotional hunger is at the root of the problem, and clearly they are filling a gap of sorts.
What do you usually do to help the emotional hunger pangs? I'm sure you've handled these well at certain times - if you've worked out what's helped previously, could you reapply that thinking to the current bar situation?

Maybe not having any will help for a week?
I had 1 day a few weeks back when I ate 6 foodpacks in one day (it was an emotional hunger meltdown!) and then really beat myself up as it was just like bingeing, but within guidelines! And this surely is just as bad!!! You do get through these times of course, as I'm sure you have, and will, too.
Keep us posted on your progress :D
I find the bars difficult. I don't actually even like the taste of them (roll on the new flavours) but they represent real food to me. When I take the powders to work, I don't think about them til lunch, but when I take a bar I think about it all morning and end up eating it early. I now try to limit them to days out etc where they're really useful.
I considered switching to Cambridge and to be honest, the thought of "tastier " bars stopped me as I'm sure I'd scoff tons. Like you, I've bought Atkins bars in the past - in theory as an emergency/coping mechanism but really they're just a tasty treat and I always scoff them all far far too quickly. How slow I am to learn!!!

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