More Humdinger crisps


Gone fishing
Went to get the humdingers apple crisps and found them in four more flavours!

Exotic fruits

Don't think these are quite as healthy as the apple, and possibly a little more in calories, but they are still 90% fruit and seriously yum.

Great for picking at when I'd usually reach for the unhealthy stuff.
Just trying the pineapple ones now. Very nice. Has the 'no junk' promise:rolleyes: contains 90% pineapple and rice oil. That's it

Tasty but very hard to bite on:eek:
My Tesco's only do the Apple Ones!!

I am soooooooo not happy about that!!!
I think they are new Mike, as I haven't seen them in there before.

You never know, they might appear in your Tesco next time you go. Worth a look
I am that sad I shall go tomorrow in my lunch hour and take a look!!
Hiya Julie

Are they in Tesco as I shall give them a try?

My latest favourite is the Snack A Jack chocolate thingies, they are lovely and only 60 calories and 6% fat.