More info on ketosis please.

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  1. fatboynotyetslim

    fatboynotyetslim Full Member

    Just wanted to know a little more about Ketosis.(have read the sticky already)

    When your body is in Ketosis you produce Ketones. The brain and nervous system function on sugar (the brain entirely on sugar). When Ketosis happens where does the sugar come from?

    Later on in the day I often show no colour change on the ketostix which suggests ketosis has stopped. If this is true, where does the sugar supply come from the brain needs? If this isn't the case and ketosis goes on continuously when the brain/ nervours system wants more fuel, is this immediately available or is there a delay between ketosis and the brain receiving sugar?

    Heavy I know, but have been feeling a little dizzy of late so am questioning the effeciency of ketosis.
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  3. debz32

    debz32 Gold Member

    Hi there - don't think ketosis 'stops happening' as such (assuming ur sticking to SS...could be that cos you've drunk so much water that the ketones are more diluted and therefore don't show up....I personally never tested for it - if you stick to SS, you WILL lose weight...and if the hunger worries !!

    check out this sticky...

    hope that helps


    Debz x
  4. fatboynotyetslim

    fatboynotyetslim Full Member

    Hi Debz, I'm not worried about losing the weight with SSing. I've lost so much so quickly I'm delighted with the results. I was just checking that the brain and nervous system get the fuel they need when they need it!
  5. debz32

    debz32 Gold Member

    Hey - as long as you're following the will be fine :)

    no booze...and lots of water !!!

    you have done really well so far - WELL DONE !!!

    Debz xx
  6. debz32

    debz32 Gold Member

    found this too...posted by IceMoose....

    "The brain and nervous tissue require sugar as a fuel to function. Indivduals following a VLCD like CD are are more-or-less 100% reliant on ketones produced by ketosis as our source of energy with our bodies converting ketones into sugar using a process referred to a gluconeogenesis.
    Alcohol inhibits ketosis and, thereby, gluconeogenesis. This means that on a vlcd where you sole source of energy is from ketones your brain and nerves can be depleted of the fuel they need to function. The effects of fuel depletion can include disorientation, semi-consciousness, coma due to low blood sugar. Needless to say this could be very dangerous and potentially even fatal. For thoses not in a ketotic state blood sugar level would be maintained by the breakdown of glycogen stores in the liver."

  7. fatboynotyetslim

    fatboynotyetslim Full Member

    thanks debz
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