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More time for walking.

Really sorry to hear that. We have been through it with my OH - awful times over the last 2 years. Hope you get something else sorted out soon.
Thank you all, I've lots of feelers out there already for jobs, but as it was Friday afternoon, no replies yet other than automated ones to the emails.

There's always aldi, they pay £8 summat an hour and they're sure to want extra staff over Xmas maybe?

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Hope you hear from some of them soon. Good luck.
Got laid off again Friday so I guess I'll go walking every day until I get another job. :(

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Chin up sunshine! Doesn't seem 5 minutes you were going back to where you had been previously. From what I recall, you were aware of last-in-first-out?

Never a good or easy time. Let's hope something turns up sooner rather than later.

One door closes, 3 open up at the same time..... but none wide enough to step through at the moment.

Went to an agency in Walsall this morning because they sent me an email saying I had to register with them ( load of coblers ), whilst there another agency called me saying they were sending my cv to a client in Worcester who was after people and would call me later.
This afternoon I got a call which i expected to be the second agency's anticipated call but it was a third agency telling me they were sending my cv to a client in Telford and that I may get an interview later in the week.
So for now I've left all 3 lines out there and see who bites first.
I don't however like turning down work if it's offered and feel like a real git when the agencies have to call back clients and say "actually we DON'T have someone to fill that vacancy, he's started somewhere else. "

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big bear

A bear on a mission!
Sorry to hear you were laid off but happy to hear there are a few things in the pipeline!! I hope you get something more permanent soon XXXX
There are Always vacancies in the care sector esp working with learning disabled, maybe not a career for you but it pays bills etc and is s damn sight more rewarding than Aldi!! Lol
Plus....if you do 1 to 1 like I do, you can take them walking with you!
ColJack said:
Don't you need qualifications for that in caring or something?

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I hope not I haven't got any! Mist companies offer training though, you get shown the basics abd must have an induction!
A caring nature, a sense of humour, a bit of common sense ( not too much judging by my colleagues lol) and flexibility as work patterns can be a bit odd, is all you really need. A driving licence is a bonus if they have a motability car. And a clean CRB! I love it, never thought I would. But would never do anything else now, I even have a second job helping out at communication classes!
Hmm. One door just slammed shut, so that leaves two possibilities and a lot of keys to try in a lot of locks.
Ah well.

Best phone the jobcenter and arrange to sign on again.

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