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Morning all!! I have shamelessly nicked this from the Pink site....



MUST get a grip
Morning Nicky
I scored a 7 as well....

Your score indicates that you are moderately addicted to carbohydrates. At times you may be able to control your eating but you may find that stress, premenstrual changes, tiredness, boredom, unexpressed anger or pressure may increase your carbohydrate cravings.

:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:..... Bloody carbs
OMG ... mine was 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know when i stop cambridge i have to stay away from bread ... that is my trigger - but now I shall really have to look at my carb intake. I am looking to incorporate low Gi in my eating - think I need to!!!!


Gold Member
9 for me!!

You have scored in the severe carbohydrate addiction range. You may be struggling to control your eating without realizing that your body has been fighting you, literally driving you to eat and then storing the excess food energy as fat.


Taking Back Control...!!!
Glad there are some other high scorers!! Was getting worried!! I only didn't get a 10 Mich, because I don't have breakfast ... so the first one was a no!

Bev.... I don't actually eat breakfast but if I do... even if it's 'fill you up till lunchtime' 'slow release carb' Porridge.....:rolleyes: then I'm starving - but can actually go till 1pm without anything but water...

Either way I'm a 9 or 10.....:eek::rolleyes:
Pish, 10 for me too!

Need to kick the carbs into touch big time, I know this will be my downfall once I've finished CD.

Theresa x


is gonna do it!!
Also a 10 for me, no suprise there!
Once I lose this weight I will just have a treat on a sat night of Indian, as thats what I luuuurve!!
I'm an 8 ... it's really quite scary when you see the questions they ask and know most of them are a yes :eek:


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I actually did the Carb Addicts diet for a while and it worked for me. Unfortunately my choices were really limited as I'm veggie so I ended up cheating out of boredom!

btw I scored a 9!
Scored 10 :eek:
But at least I know what the main part of my problem is.
I feel like today I've been having withdrawal symptoms!
Been really weak had a headache and craving bread/potatoe waffles!
Lo ..x

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