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Lou is JUDDDering - I love the party season


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Hello JUDDDerers

Well I’ve been lurking around your diaries for a while and you inspired me to read up on the diet and decide to start it after Xmas (plan was to spend up to Xmas sticking to high protein).

Well my excitement got the better of me and when I got back from New York after a short break I decided to jump straight into it.

The more I thought about it I realised it would suit the December I have coming up better anyway which involves an awful lot of parties that I have every intention of enjoying.

NY was amazing – I love the city, did a LOT of shopping, and got to all the main sight seeing spots. Currently thinking of going back there for New Year in a years time. I also enjoyed the food very much and came back about 7lb heavier than when I left (LOL) although excitingly everyone said when I got back that I looked like I’d lost weight – yippee.

Anyway I flew home a week ago and did have a great plan to do a dd on Tuesday (which I managed), making Wednes an up day which was perfect because I had my first xmas party! Basically I work in a sales team and we had an all day sales meeting (just what I needed with jetlag!!) at which I presented– that involved sausage butties when we arrived (yum, yum) and a light lunch. When it finished at 5 I went and set up the pub quiz which we were doing as a team build (I was quiz master) and then onto an Italian for a meal (where there was a karoke machine – eeks) and a few drinks – as normal followed by many more drinks, a casino and we rolled into bed about 4am ish (I stayed at a hotel overnight in London)

Obviously based on that there was no chance of Thursday being a DD (particularly as I had meetings on Thursday in the office and my yearly performance review with my boss!!) so I planned for it to be a MD. But my red wine hangover was so bad I just needed carbs and it definitely turned into an ud!

New plan then had Friday as a dd but jet lag, tiredness and remains of hangover stuck around and it turned into a md (not helped that I got home at 7 realised I’d left my keys in London and had to get the train back into London to pick them up finally getting home at 9.30pm!!)

So feeling somewhat guilty Sat and Sun were dd’s and I was perfect. Sat I had 267 cals (prob helped by the fact I spent most of it asleep) and Sun I had 482.

Delighted to report I jumped on the scales Monday morning and I was down to 10st 9.2 which is 6.8lbs lost and back to my pre NY weight – considering the week I was pretty delighted.

So yesterday was an UD and xmas party number 2. I was in the office so started with beans on toast in our work restaurant and a highlights hot chocolate. Wasn’t hungry at lunchtime so had a prawn roll and some fruit which were left overs from a team meeting lunch that another team had had (less chavvy than it sounds honest). Once the day was over it was down to the pub for a few vodkas, into china town for a chinese (shredded chilli beef and egg fried rice) then onto a casino (came out of the casino evens but a bit gutted because at one point I was about £150 up).

Rolled in about 1.30am this morning and today am working from home (thank goodness). Plan is a dd because tomorrow is a work conference which will be xmas party number 3 so I need that to be an ud.

So far haven’t eaten anything but have that post Chinese/ post alcohol hunger and my body is screaming for food so about to give in and have an early lunch – probably houmous and salad at about 350 cals leaving me not very much for later.

So this will be my diary as I try and lose the last bit of weight (think I’d like to lose about another 10lbs but not in any rush)– and not die from too much partying and not enough sleep LOL.

Look forward to getting to know you all


Oh by the way my official weight in day is every Monday (but confess to being a daily weigher)
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Morning all

Well yesterday didn't quite stay as a dd - but I stuck to 762 cals so think I can fairly call it a md.

Today is an ud because of the work conference which will involve a buffet lunch, a 3 course evening meal, and some drinking! It starts at 11.30 in Reading which means I need to leave home about 9.30 so at least it's not an early start.

Thurs will be a md (learnt yesterday that I can't do dd's with a hangover).

Am wondering if my xmas target is realistic looking at all the social events this December and consequently the ud's and md's but as long as I can keep around this weight I'll be happy because I feel pretty good in my clothes and can concentrate on losing the last 10lbs better in Jan when there is less social excitement.

Will catch up with everyones diaries over the weekend - hope everything is going OK
Hi Lou and welcome. Fantastic loss well done you
The trip sounds great I would love to go to NY for a week shopping but am scared of flighing. It took me all my courage (and valium from the Drs) to go on honeymoon to Egypt!
Wow to your social/work life too. Sounds like you are really committed and im sure you will reach that xmas target.


Going for it.
Hello Lou, nice to meet you. I come over here from the SW board to have a look round occasionally - I'm fascinated to hear of people's experiences on the JUDDD diet. it maybe something I have a go at myself one day!

Good luck and hope you get to your target soon. I will be popping by to have a look!
Thanks for the welcome everybody - not logged in for a few days.

Well the work conference was great - interesting content but more importantly a great night out. Ended up being a very late one with me rolling to bed at 5.15am and my alarm set for 7.30am as day 2 of the conference started at 9. Oh that was painful. The lack of sleep and wee hangover did mean Thursday was just a day to get through rather than concentrate on what I ate (and I confess at lunchtime it just had to be a McDonalds lunch LOL).

Jumped on scales on friday to see the damage - 3.5lbs on - ouch but so worth it.

Friday I worked from home but still suffered a little so I made it a MD, yesterday was an UD and today is a DD. The scales are going in the right direction and I think if I'm very very lucky I may have only put on a pound this week which is brilliant considering the hige weight loss last week - last year December meant I put on 7lb!!

So nothing calms down at all this week. Monday is xmas party number 4 when we might go to the ice bar in London - shouldn't be a late one because I'm back in London on Tuesday when in the evening we are taking one of our big customers out for xmas in Soho (so I guess that's party number 5). I'm planning on being sensible and just joining them for a couple of drinks to show my face and then go home because wednes I've got to get up to b'ham for an all day meeting and a night out (number 6) - that one will be a mad late one which is unfortunate because next day I've got to go to manchester in the afternoon to present at a meeting - I've been invited for their night out afterwards but had to say no because friday I have a 9am meeting in London and if I've got any energy at all we've got party number 7 Friday night (well strictly speaking it's another teams party but we are crashing it).

There's not going to be much opportunity for dd next week so plan is a couple of UD's and the rest MD's and if I can stay the same that would be amazing.

There's no way I'm going to meet my xmas target but i'm having a ball and somehow staying the same so if JUDDD can do that for me despite all the madness I feel like it's still a miracle eating plan.

BTW my social life isn't usually this mad it's just because it's xmas LOL
This eating plan is MAD. Without doubt the best thing ever.

As you can see from above I've hardly been strict with myself this week and am enjoy Dec to the max. My thoughts yesterday where that if I could weigh in today with only 1lb gained this week I'd be happy. Well somehow when I jumped on the scales after the DD yesterday my grand total for the week is 0.4lb lost.


I know there are people on other diets that would be disappointed with such a small loss but the mad thing is I just haven't felt like i'm dietting, I certainly haven't restricted myself on the UD's I've had 2 huge nights out and the associated carb munchies the following day and still lost weight this week.

To reach my Dec target I've got 10 days to lose 3.8lb which I believe i could do on this eating plan if I did it strictly but I know that wont happen this week. Just the idea that I can have a great social life and still stay the same/ have a small loss is a massive revelation.

Today is an UD because one of our agencies are taking me out to lunch and in the evening we're planning a few drinks in London - maybe at the Ice Bar if we can get in.

Hope everyone is as pleased as me with their progress and enjoying the run up to xmas


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