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Morning weigh in's vs Evening weigh in's

Hi all,

Do anyone think there is any difference in going to a class/weigh in in the morning as opposed to the evening?

I go to class on a tuesday evening, but of course, i have eaten during the day and drank plenty of fluids etc.

My friend who goes in a morning goes on an empty stomach and her losses seem better each week.

Im not bothered about comparing because i'll loose the weight at my own pace but i can't help but wonder if i would get to target quicker if i did an AM class as opposed to a PM class because there is usually a 4lb difference in my experience.
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When I was naughty and checked weight daily, I always weighed less in the morning than the evening. But I wouldn't worry too much as you go same time each week. She'd prob have a gain if she went two times in one day to WI :)

Good luck tonight xx


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It goes without saying that you will weigh less in the morning and I would say most morning weighers only have a cuppa before they go whereas evening weighers have all day to eat/drink.

If you can go to a morning class then go (I know I would!) but I'm not sure it would benefit you that much, your losses would be the same once the first weeks change had been taken off.

Another thought.... would you want your morning target to be less than your evening target if there was a 4lb difference?! I've done a comparison once or twice, although I don't often get on my own scales, I got weighed naked first thing and then just before i went to class at 5.30 and there was a 1.5lb difference including clothes. Unless you have a huge meal during the day it shouldn't weigh that much in your tummy!

Mrs V

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I agree with Jaylou, it really doesnt make any difference in the long run at all when you get weighed...you should stick to one or the other though as there will always be a difference.
I weigh in the morning, purely because I am doing the SW plan myself and so its the only chance I can get.
Dont starve yourself all day on a weigh night though!!! When I was going to class, I would make sure that I stopped eating at 4pm (weigh in was 6) and I would have a drink around 4.30pm...straight after getting weighed, I would have a drink and a piece of fruit to munch on whilst the class was going on.


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Exactly what I do now Mrs V - i weigh at 5.30, have my last drink at 2.30 and have a cuppa and a banana straight after WI while the class in on :)


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yeh i do it at home and sometimes when i weigh myself just out of interest to see how I am doing it is always higher sometimes just 1 or 2 lbs but sometimes more!

i do it myself from home and so my weigh in is sunday mornings which i like coz then i can have some extra syns on my lazy day off :) and by the time next weigh in comes they shouldn't show!

it can make for a pleasant surprise tho, on saturday night i weighed myself just out of interest and was only half pound less than my WI in the week before so wasn't expecting much loss. then do my proper WI on sunday morning and I have lost 2lbs taking me up to my first stone loss yay!

I cant get to an AM class anyway, well im off work for the next 5 weeks so in theory i could, but i really like my group so wouldnt want to change.

After reading your comments i would probably change my target to slightly lower if i weighed in a morning as there is a consistent difference judging by everyones feedback.

Im happy sticking to what i know for now :D

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