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Morrisons instant cheese sauce mix......help needed

I've read on here that the whole sachet of this is 5.5 syns.
However when i go on lifeline online it says the following...

Morrisons Cheese Sauce Mix, made up as directed, dried 100g made up

4 Syns on Extra Easy
Original 4 Syns
Green 4 Syns

this baffles me as this mix makes half a pint of cheese sauce now i make half a pint to be about 280ml and isnt ml and grams roughly the same? so therefore the whole thing is 8.5 syns?

can anyone help i bought this on the understanding it was 5.5 for the whole packet, have i bought the wrong stuff??
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Hi Laurie

I have been using the Morrisons Instant Cheese sauce for a while now and have always counted it as 5.5 syns. But as you did, I checked the website and I am now inclined to count it as 8.5 syns for a made up 1/2 pint. This is still really good for syn value and I use it a lot in Fish Pie, Lasagna, Bol Bake and general pasta dishes. All of these dishes make 4 adult portions, so 2 syns per serving for the cheese sauce is really low.

Good luck with your weight loss.
see,this is the bit i get confused with,

Morrisons Cheese Sauce Mix, made up as directed, dried 100g made up

it says made up as directed(which i take to be the whole packet of sauce) whats the 100g made up?

does it mean once the sauce is made with water its 4syns per 100g and not the whole packet made up

hope that makes some sense ......HELP...im confusing myself
I think the easiest thing to do is to look at the calories on the packet. It will be 1 syn for 100 calories, as it has no free food allowance.

You will then know for definate the exact syns and will have no confusion by the description on syns online.

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