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  1. Welshsam

    Welshsam Member

    Hi, I'm new here. I'm a mother of 2. A 5 year old and a 18 month old. Did lose the weight with the first, but struggling this time around. Don't think 2 c-section help. Hoping to lose around 2 stone :)
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  3. petlamb21

    petlamb21 Member

    Hi, i'm a newbie too, joined yesterday. I also want to lose two stone, and like you, struggled to lose weight after my children. I managed to lose it after my second but not after my third. Did you have c sections with both your children? I did with all three of mine :( . Are you doing slimming world? I started yesterday, still trying to get my head around it all but doing ok so far i think. I guess the scales will tell next week! :)
  4. Suedefan

    Suedefan Full Member

    Hello, I had trouble loosing after my last pregnancy too, so much so that my youngest is now 4 years old :eek:. Hoping I have found a diet that works for me as I have managed to stick with it for over 3 weeks and I usually have trouble lasting 3 days.

    Good luck with your wright loss.
  5. Welshsam

    Welshsam Member

    Yeah, I had section with both. Slight overhang, arghh :-( unavoidable with sections.

    I've lost a pound in the last few days so down to 11st8.
  6. petlamb21

    petlamb21 Member

    Mine is a little more than slight - argh! :) Great that you're losing. I think i've lost 2 lbs since Starting on Tues. it helps to spur you on a bit doesn't it?
  7. Welshsam

    Welshsam Member

    It does help, but I'm so annoyed I'm having to do it all over Again. I promised myself after losing the weight with the first that if I get pregnant again to not over eat. I'm going away next month to amsterdam for a few days so I'm sure the diet will be going out the window.
  8. petlamb21

    petlamb21 Member

    I said the same after i lost weight after my second but it didn't quite work out that way. Try not to beat yourself up about it. I'm sure you'll get back on track after Amsterdam. I'm already worrying about going out for a friend's 40th tomorrow. After doing so well this week i just know it'll all go to pot tomorrow and then i'll probably think what the heck come Sunday and start eating rubbish again. I really need to try not to let that happen!
  9. Welshsam

    Welshsam Member

    I'll try and choose sensibly but it's our honeymoon break so I want to enjoy it as much as possible and it's a rare trip away without the kids. Bliss!!!

    Im sure you'll pick wisely for your little outing. Fish, chicken, salads are always a good choice.

    we have very similar stats. You doing any exercise? I'm using my exercise bike quite a bit 30-40 mins in the evening, but some evenings once I've put the kids to bed I'm just too tired.

    I was 10st 13 for my wedding in March was aiming to be 9 stone, but that never happend. But since the wedding I've gained 10 lbs and I really don't know how. I'm sure it's this bloody implant I'm on. I'm gaining weight so easy and not losing if easy either.
  10. petlamb21

    petlamb21 Member

    Well, as expected, things went a little awry yesterday. It was a set menu with a giant plate of paella being the main part of the meal.. and we'd best not mention the glasses of wine.. oops. The scales said I'd put 3lbs back on this morning... sheesh! Back on it today though..

    Ah, you can't be sensible on your honeymoon break! You'll have to make the most of it and get back to sw when you're back. :) I wonder if your implant is having an effect. You'll have to Google it.

    Exercise wise, I started a Pilate's class and yoga class last week. Not really exercise I suppose but I do plan to start doing my Davina 15 main workout DVD a bit again soon. That's really good with your exercise biking. That's the trouble though isn't it? By the time you've got the little ones to bed you're exhausted and just want to sit down!
  11. Welshsam

    Welshsam Member

    I'm sure the 3 lb gain is just water weight and the food sat in your stomach. I'm sure it's not real weight gain. Give it a few days and it'll go.

    I've lost weight before on the implant before, but had to work that little bit harder as I do find I'm hungrier with the implant.

    I've been quite good calorie wise today, maybe not great food choice, but I'm under my calorie limit and I burnt off 200 calories earlier on the bike, will be doing the same later.

    I love Davina. I used to have the Davina buff body workout DVD. Loved it. Made me sweat loads, but really enjoyed it. Better than the 30 day shred and all the push ups I can't do.

    have you ever enquired with the gp about a tummy tuck? (Not saying you need one) but I've been thinking about approaching the idea with my gp. I'm sure I'll get a flat out no which is fair enough, but I'm wondering if it's at least worth enquiring? I had emergency csections and certainly didn't intend on having them. It's crap being left the way i am. It's not fair. I'm sure if I had normal births I wouldn't be battling half as much as I am now.
  12. petlamb21

    petlamb21 Member

    The idea has only ever fleetingly crossed my mind when looking at certain celebs and wishing i had the luxury of their money and ability to get it sorted. It is kind of horrible to look at isn't it? I didn't plan on having sections either, in fact it was my worst nightmare. My first was an emergency one and i was determined to do it naturally second time around but had my mind changed a week before my due date as my second baby was so big, they were worried it would harm me and the baby to do it naturally. As it turned out, that was a good thing as my second was over 11lbs! I had no choice with my third, was always a done deal for another section. I guess there's no harm in asking your gp but i suspect the answer will be dependent on how much it's affecting your life and wellbeing.

    I hope you're right about the water/food in tummy. First official weigh in tomorrow - eek!

    Not good that the implant makes you hungrier. My hubby sat next to me chomping on popcorn makes me hungry too - might have to go to bed to escape!

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