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Motivation fading!

Does anyone feel that the motivation they had at the beginning of the month/year is slowly fading?! I started on the 1st Jan and counted every single calorie. Now I'm being very strict during the day but probably having a few too many calories at dinner. I always get to this point where I think "oh I'm fed up of being on a diet, one treat won't hurt"....then 1 treat becomes every day!

I've lost 3lbs in 15 days but was hoping for more than that in the first week when I was being very good. I know I need to keep it up......just wanted to have a moan really!

Now I'm 6 weekspost-op after my c-section and the snow has melted I can start exercising and walking so if I pull my socks I can get back on track!
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Hi Emma

Old habits are hard to break aren't they? And easy to slip back into without too much though/effort? And that's the problem... effort... so easy to allow ourselves to give up and then justify it. I've just started listening to the Paul McKenna CD and have now this visualisation in my head of me slim.. it's like a screen saver permanently at front of my brain.. i'm wearing a pair of combats and a thin trendy tshirt sitting on the grass with some friends and feeling comfortable ... but the main thing i see is I am laughing and I am happy!! I'm not comparing, worrying, calorie counting, feeling fat.. i'm not thinking about any of that at all ... i'm just plain and simple happy and living :)

Can you see your self slim? Picture what you are doing and who you are with - might be a simple chore but you can see what you are wearing etc. Now mentally try and step into and and feel how good it feels? If you can keep doing that maybe it will "take" like mine has - i'm finding it a really powerful motivator.

Come on here and have a good moan anytime, it's good to vent.

What's happening in the evening? are your dinner portions getting bigger or are you reaching for the goodies? If you're reaching for the goodies then why not try coming on here instead to distract yourself or find a hobby? :)

That's a good idea GG. For me I'm back in Manchester with my friends sat in the pub where all my old school mates seem to go and I'm wearing something colourful and pretty, feeling proud.
It's bizarre..only been listening for a couple of days now but image is so strong as are the feelings!

Will see how it works tonnight though .. am out for dinner... can i resist dessert? ;-p
Good thoughts I like that CD, keep motivated Emma. I nearly slipped this morning as kids were having toasted baguels with butter and I WANTED ONE. However, I thought - ya know what lets just get this over and done with and stick with it till I loose the weight and THEN i can have a baguel and not feel guilty for a week.
U can do it!! U said there was a photo u hated of urself that made u diet.. that was the same 4 me. Whenever I feel demotivated I compare that pic to the positive image in my head or old photos of when i felt slimmer and that makes me feel better. But Im a very emotional eater and I am feeling very up and down recently!!!
Thanks everyone. I just hate the idea of the evening streching ahead with a colicky baby and no big lovely dinner......eg takeaway to look forward to! I'm a bit of a chocolate binger too but I'm not missing that too much as I'm having the chocolate or coffee shakes and snack bars.

I had a sneaky weigh this morning and I'm down a couple of pounds this week already I think, so that has spurred me on to be good!


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ahhhh... when is your weigh in day????
Congrats Emma :)


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