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Motivation Help


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I'm finding it really hard to stay motivated over the weekends (my weight in is on a tuesday evening)
I really want to loose weight but find come friday evening I loose all restraint and end up eating rubbish (pizza's ,chinese and just eating whatever I fancy not really bothering with syns) and then I obviously feel really low (liek today) as I know I will have damaged my weight loss.
I have been with my group for around 5-6 months and only lost 10lb, but went on holiday for a week and put on 4lb so now my total weight loss is only 6lb!:cry:
Does any one have any good ideas on what I can do to help me stay on track.
(I live at home with parents and am not a fab cook - I love green days as I really like pasta, plus this is one of the only things I can really cook!!)
Thanks guys x x :wave_cry:
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Hi Alana!

One thing that helps me from snapping and gorging, is having treats around the house and having them every day! I find if I have a mini milk or 2 (1.5 syns each), or a funsize bag of magic stars (3.5 syns), after dinner every night. This makes me feel like I'm actually eating lots of chocolate, and then I dont look at things and think "god I havent had one of those for ages". The last few weeks I havent had any treats in the house I thought i'd try without and its gone really bad and I put on quite a bit last week which was really annoying!! I'm sure it wasnt just down to that but I know I found the diet easiest when I did have those treats around the house! xxx


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Aww hun! Draw a line under this weekend. Sit down with a brew and write down what meals you want to have tonight, tomorrow and Tuesday. Make sure you have the bits n bobs u need for those meals. Stick to easy to do meals. You could have Pasta and veggies with hexa worth of cheese melted ontop. Or if you like SW chips make some up with an omellete, or make up some savoury rice and bulk it out with veggies and if ya like hot food some tabassco sauce yummy. These are just some quick and simple ideas if you dont have much time for the kitchen and also very satisfying.

I think the key to this plan is to PLAN. Plan harder for the weeker times of the week. Why not learn how to make up some pudding recipes at the weekend. This way you could have your normal SW friendly meal and a yummy pudding feel like your being naughty when actually your not! As long as you count syns.

Go back to basics- write everything down and keep your book with you at all times. I got to big for my boots last year and thought "HA i don't need to write things down any more, i no what im doing!"..guess what happend lol!

If you fancy something naughty count the syns first- look at your diary and ask yourself.. can i afford to have this or shud i go for something else instead. Obviously if you have enough syns then fair does!

Don't deprive yourself hun. Just enjoy the food you eat and if you dont change it! Hope you have a good Monday and Tuesday and take this advice and have a SUPER week next week whatever the outcome! xx


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Thanks Philly, I did find the weeks I had half a curly wurly orwhatever in the evenings i lost more weight so maybe that is the key.
Its the weekends I find the hardest when my partner and I go out to eat (usually a friday night- I want to be good, but see the pizza or tikka massala on the menu and just really really want it although I feel bad inside, and so just eat it thinking I can make it up the next day by being really good, but then on the saturday I enfd up doing the same kind of thing again!)


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thanks niknaks - your advise has motivated me and I have my book next to me right now!


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Why not write down under this thread what you have planned for your meals.

Just thought- You could make a chow mein at weekends- look on SW webiste for recipe its quite simple. Or if you feel adventurous make a curry. You wud feel like your being naughty but in actual fact ur being good as gold.

Just enjoy the plan sweetie and i'm glad my advice has helped xx
I'm going out to eat tonight, if I know im going to go and eat out I tend to save syns for it?

Well the way I work my syns is I count down from however many i'm allowing myself that week. I write the count down down and then cross them out as I use them! So because I was very naughty last week, I decided to go low syn this week so I was going to go with 40 syns, then mothers day cropped up and so i'm going for a meal at prezzo tonight. Decided to give myself 40 for the week, and 30 for tonight. That means I have 70 syns for the week, which is still low syn for me coz I normally work on 105!

I'm still going to make reasonably good choices, but I am going to have a dessert to! The last time I did this I went to TGI's and had a starter (breaded chicken), a main (half a rack of ribs and chips), and an oreo milkshake for dessert. Plus I drank the night before so allowed myself 40 syns for the week and 30 for each evening. I still lost 1lb!

I know SW doesnt condone saving syns and splurging them at the weekend, but sometimes out social lives just mean we have to so if you know your going to have a take away or go out for a curry, try reserving an over-estimate of syns for it so you dont have to worry too much about what you eat that night :) x


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Aww thanks guys, you have both made me feel tons better.
I usually have the following:
Brekkie: Honey Cheerios 28g (5 syns)
250ml semi milk for cereal and a cup of tea

Lunch @ work: Chicken super noodles (3 1/2 syns)
Melon (i always have melon as I love i - I chop up a few slices and put them in a box and snack on it at work - I dont get a break apart from my lunch but try and steal a few pieces to keep me going)
Mini Light babybel (free on HEB on green)

Dinner : Usually a pasta dish - i.e pasta with passata (nothing too exciting!) or I will normally check with mum what she is making the night before and adjust my lunch accoring to what day it will be red or green
Mullerlight yoghurt for pud

Perhaps half a curly wurly which Ive left in the fridge all day (3 syns)

My consultant has said I dont seem to eat enough, but I never feel that hugry, but I know on weeks where I have tried to eat more I have lost more weight!


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You standard menu looks OK to me. Though make sure you try and eat some veggies. In that pasta dish for example i make something simular.

Once every couple of week i get a big pot. Throw in two tins of chopped toms, kidney beans, baked beans, sweetcorn, onion, mushroom, courgettes (any veggies that take ur fancy) add some dried mixed herbs and some tabassco sauce. I portion it up and freeze it- this is perfect with pasta and quorn sausage with melted cheese on top. And its so quick!

Just an idea for your pasatta. I find it quite bland ya see lol x


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Im really bad with veggies as Im such a fussy eater I dont like many! I dont mind things like peppers and carrots but i like them raw - as soon as carrots are cooked I cant stand them(yes im weird!!!)
I cant wait for wed now so I can restart all over again!
Noticed for lunch you have chicken supernoodles at 3 1/2 syns.

Are you aware they do low fat supernoodles that are free on EE and Green? Their low fat chicken and herb tastes exactly the same as the normal chicken if not better to me and its free! (Could use the syns you save to eat the whole curly wurly lol!) x


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Oh my godness I didnt know that - defo getting them!
And you right I could have the whole curly wurly lol - thankyou for the info
yeh they are good! To be fair they dont sell them everywhere, only in supermarkets where they have the big ranges! and there are only 3 flavours : chicken and herb, sweet thai chilli, and chilli chicken. Chicken and herb is by far the best in my opinion! x
I recommend you eat more free foods, it's good to have your syns and vital to remember Helathy Extras but if you aren't eating a lot of free food your weight loss may be slow I find. Also check your guide for the best free foods to help your weight loss. I find fish and vegetables very good.


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I will up my free foods as i dont mind eating fruit - i love melon and berries so will defo up those - its the veg I find hard, but im appy to eat raw carrots!
Thanks guys for all your support x
Dunno if you're interested but if you look it up I think you can have a wee bit of homous as a Healthy Extra, you'd have to look up the weight but it can make veggies more bearable.


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yummy homous and carrots - i should get that!
Mum is supportive but she takes the view that I should eat more veg etc that she cooks (she is very into cooking and makes almost everything from scratch, but will use butter instead of fry light for example on some things) that woud save me syns. She does really try, but I normally ask her the night before what she is thinking of making for dinner and if its not suitable I will normally make myself pasta or whatever

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