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Motivation needed!!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by pflorida, 5 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. pflorida

    pflorida Silver Member

    After my third day on slimming world I think I'm finally cracking, this is the second night I've gone to bed hungry and really am not feeling very motivated.

    I know I have to stick to the plan to lose the weight I need but right now all I feel like doing is ordering a huge dominoes and eating it all :cry:

    I think my main difficulty is feeling so restricted, I know you don't have to give things up but only being allowed certain foods and certain amounts and feeling bad when I syn food is really making me feel rubbish, it doesn't help that I'm so fussy so can't even snack on a salad or veg and cannot find very many recipes I like :confused:

    Moan over, if anyone is feeling or has felt the same before please feel free to comment I'd love some advice or other peoples experiences.
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  3. Chipmunk89

    Chipmunk89 but you can call me Toni!

    Sorry youre feeling like this hun. There sre plently of free and superfree foods that you can snack on so you shouldnt feel hungry, and dont feel bad about using syns. They're there for a reason.

    When I first started SW in 2011 I cant tell how how many things I wouldnt eat - no salad, only one or two fruit and veg, no onionsor tomatoes. Its definitely harder when you dont like superfree stuff so much but my tastes gradually began to change and now I cant think of anything off the top of my head that I dont like! Be open to try new things, try things youve never had before.

    What kind of meals do you like? Most recioes cam be made SW friendly with a couple of tweaks. Let us know what you would usually eat and im sure peoole will be able to point you in the right direction.

    Stick with it, it will get easier!
  4. kirstyhe2014

    kirstyhe2014 Member

    Hi there, I completely agree with Chipmunk above ^^, I have sucessfully done SW in the past (4 times actually) but never kept following the plan and thought I could do it on my own, but now I'm back on it and plan to be a member for life now!
    Have a good read through the recipe threads on here, there's so much choice and as Chipmunk says you can almost always tweak your fave foods to make them SW friendly. If you're not that keen on eating veg on it's own, how about throwing it in with dishes such as spag bol (you can "hide" lots of veg such as onion, peppers, mushroom etc in these types of meals) and curries are another fave of mine. The first few weeks are all about adapting your existing eating habits and turning them into good SW habits, you WILL get there eventually.
    I hope this helps.
    Kirsty xx
  5. upndown

    upndown Gold Member

    Hi - Toni - Welcome to Minimins!

    I know where you're coming from and I'm sure many others do to - I think SW is the best diet I've tried (and I've tried many!) you probably know of many success stories - but I also think it's a pretty difficult eating plan to get your head around in the beginning - have you thought of ringing your consultant for advice - he/she would much rather you did than have you struggling on your own.

    Have you looked at the SW website? It's full of all kinds of ideas for every preference veggies - sweet tooth - savoury stuff etc - check out the SW chips, crisps or wedges and dips - I was very doubtful of the lemon couscous cake (one of many dessert/sweet ideas) and would never have tried it until someone brought some to class and I was too embarrassed to refuse a slice - it is fab and very low syns for the whole cake! It does take time to fully 'get' the flexibility of the eating plans. The SW web site has lots of ideas of treats you can buy or make at home (most are very easy to make for useless cooks like me!).

    Ask at class how other people cope - don't be shy - everyone has been where you are and will be happy to help - it makes us feel good even those of us who were too shy to open our mouths in our first few weeks find our confidence grows with the weight loss and we're more than happy to share our knowledge to help others!

    I remember feeling overwhelmed when I first started on SW but someone told me to go thro the lists of food and highlight all the ones you fancy - simple but it worked for me - I could see more clearly what suited my tastes - I even made a list of then and stuck it on the fridge and used it to kick off my shopping list and found that reading the reduced list made it easier to think of combinations I fancied and put meals/snacks together.

    I also remember a tip someone gave me early on in my journey - that you need to have the right food in to plans meals/snacks - lots of people seem to do their food shop on the day of class by planning their meals (and SW works well for partners and families too - they'll love the food and won't know or care it's SW!) Having the meals you love fill you up and Snacks/treats help you to stay on plan. You can always find ways to adapt your favourite stuff (ok not Mars Bars but you can syn them!) to the SW way - again your consultant, magazine, website and class can help here

    Good luck - I hope you can stick with it - you'll be glad you did when you look in the mirror in a few weeks! I look forward to following your progress!
  6. pixie-gem

    pixie-gem Gold Member

    I totally relate to this.
    Hubby is also doing it and he eats so much because he likes the veg and the salad, whereas if i can't have gravy (even free gravy) on it then all the superfree i can eat with a dinner is beetroot, (if i can have gravy then i have carrots cabbages, green beans etc, hence i tend to live on roast dinners :p)
    But i don't eat salad.
    I will syn a jar of dolmio because i don't like the taste of the homemade sauces and i would rather syn 2.5syns and actually enjoy and eat my dinner than push it round my plate and eat crap later.

    Don't get me wrong, i think it's a fab plan, especially for those who eat a lot (hubby) but us fussy ones can have a bit of a rough time to start with.
    All you can do is your best and know that that is good enough :)

    A lot of people really like the scan bran cakes and i have tried to make one but it was disgusting (sorry for those who love it) and i am very much in the "would rather syn a slice of proper cake" camp

    You can do it hun, please don't give up on yourself x
  7. PeggyDee

    PeggyDee Full Member

    Moaning is acceptable. You are only on your third day so you are trying to adapt to a major lifestyle change and it can be a shock to the system!

    Besides any results might not show yet to further motivate you. As others have suggested check out the SW website and recipe books - there are so many recipes to accommodate all tastes. Your life will change and you need to recognise and accept that.

    Some of my own revelations after starting SW....

    1. I didn't like a lot of the choices either but with training and practice (read: force feeding at first :rolleyes:) my taste buds have changed and I really enjoy some of those foods I always avoided before.
    2. Try the recipes, they are brilliant. There are lots of sweet desert recipes that give you a chocolate fix if you need one.
    3. Go through your syns list and highlight all those free / low syn foods you do enjoy (such as muller light yoghurts, smaller chocolate bars, baked not fried crisps or whatever you do enjoy), get familiar with their syn value and plan ahead to include them in your day. So rather than grabbing a high syn snack when you are frustrated or hungry try to plan early in the morning that you will have a treat say after dinner, and then enjoy the anticipation of looking forward to it, the satisfaction of resisting instant gratification and the knowledge that it is allowed.
    4. Willpower is not something we are born with, but it can be trained. It is a stubborn and resistant pupil but it does learn.
    5. Forgive yourself for the occasional lapse.
    6. It is a cliché but it really does help to have both my "fat" photo stuck on the fridge door and that slinky sexy dress hanging on the door of the wardrobe.
    6. Only three days in. Stick with it and enjoy the positive results when you weigh in at the end of the week.

    Good luck hun. We are all in this together. Wishing you all the best.
  8. *Emsie*

    *Emsie* Gold Member

  9. pflorida

    pflorida Silver Member

    Wow firstly can I say thank you for all the replies, just reading them made me feel a whole lot better knowing I'm not alone with how I've been feeling!!! I think a lot of my problem is my lifestyle, I currently live at home but spend a large amount of time over my boyfriends where we buy our own food, I think this plays a major role because not only do we have to buy the food we also cook it that said it's made me realise how much more expensive healthy eating is. Things such as crisps and pizza's and everything bad is so much cheaper than food that's good for you and I think it's quite a struggle to keep having to spend money on the food, that said I know it's definately worth it I think it's just something il have to get used to and it does help dramatically that he's trying to eat healthier too as I've tried out a few recipes already!

    That said because I don't always know where I am in the evening makes it hard to food shop and organise what I might eat that day, my mum is also on slimming world so I know if I'm at home I won't have to cook or worry about buying anything where as I do at my boyfriends. Making sure I have all the ingredients is hard as well, I looked at some recipes yesterday that I would have liked to do but barely had any ingredients so I think it is going to take me a whole to adjust to all this forward planning needed..

    Hi Toni, thanks firstly for your comment!

    thats what I'm hoping, I know my mum usually hides a load of veg in the tomato sauce she makes for spag Bol etc so I'm thinking maybe I can hide some goodies in there instead of eating them on there own..

    The main meals I enjoy are pasta related ie. tortellini, spag Bol, Mac n cheese, lasagne or shepherds pie etc though I am really missing pizza which is one of my favourites!!

    Hi Kirsty, I definitely agree it Definitely motivates me more knowing slimming world has worked for so many so I really hope as the pounds start to fall off my motivation will I'm increase!!

    Hi Upndown,

    i didnt Actually even think about calling my consultant I think I will definitely speak to her at my meeting on Wednesday and see what she says!!

    i have looked at a few recipes especially some of Pete's who has hundreds, I guess I'm just a bit anxious to try them because I am so fussy but I guess I won't know until I try! I really hope I can grow out of being so fussy because I do feel really restricted because of it! That's a really fab idea about doing the shop on the night I think I may do that! Thanks again!!

    Hi Pixie Gem,

    I can relate to this so much, my boyfriend is 50/50 following my plan as well as trying to eat healthy and he literally eats everything where as I am so fussy and until a few days ago would not have a single meal without ketchup, now because it's a syn I have been having to dramatically cut down, that said with ketchup I like you can tolerate some veggies but the thought of eating the same ones each day really doesn't appeal to me :( see my mum makes a homemade sauce with loads of hiding veggies in that I can eat so I think il use this as I don't really like many tomato sauces for pasta etc..

    I did read about these scan brans but I wasn't too sure what they were exactly and where to get them??
    Thankyou again!!

    Hi Peggy,

    I really hope that happens with me I'd love to know longer be fussy as it does make eating in and out hard!! I've just read your steps and they are really good and I definitely think I need to continue with the plan as I can see so many great results!!

    Thank you again!!!
  10. pflorida

    pflorida Silver Member

    thanks Emsie I will check the link out now!!! X
  11. pixie-gem

    pixie-gem Gold Member

    I think that there is a whole recipe thread for scan bran, and lots of ways to use it. For lack of a better description it's like Ryvita but very high in fibre. For the cakes you have to soak it in boiling water, for other things you whiz it in the processor and make it fine enough to sprinkle into things.

    To be honest a lot of people swear by it, and that it aids their weightloss, I guess I'm just an odd duck :)

    You can buy it in Holland and Barrett's, and the dark one is £1.55 and the lighter oaty one was £1.75. Not sure on prices in groups but they should have them there too.
    They look like this
    That's a takeaway tub so you get an idea of size.

    Hope that helps x
  12. pflorida

    pflorida Silver Member

    Ahhh I see I kept seeing it and wondering what it was!!! What makes it so different to ryvita? And is it similar in taste as I love ryvita, saying that I can't imagine making a cake out of ryvita!!!
  13. Katie's World X

    Katie's World X Gold Member

    Here to subscribe ;-)

    Hiiii ,
  14. pflorida

    pflorida Silver Member

    Hi Katie,

    Thanks for subscribing, lovely to know there's so many people here to support!
  15. Katie's World X

    Katie's World X Gold Member

    Your welcome lovely Looking forward to seeing you succeed on your journey ;-)

    I've made a cake out if ryvita the dark ones cheaper than scan bran as I use both I can't really tell the difference there lovey for a breakfast with fruit and yoghurt or to have as a desert YUM !!
    Good luck you will be in swing of things in no time Xx
  16. pflorida

    pflorida Silver Member

    See I'm really struggling to imagine having ryvita as a sweet item rather than savoury.. I happily have ryvita for lunch with cheese or Philadelphia but I can't imagine it sweet I guess il have to try it haha!!! Quick question how many ryvita/cracker read count as a HEX B do you I know? X
  17. pixie-gem

    pixie-gem Gold Member

    Oh good someone who likes scan bran :) she will be able to give you better advice regarding it as I literally had one mouthful and couldn't stand it so I'm not a reliable source ;) x
  18. Chipmunk89

    Chipmunk89 but you can call me Toni!

    Yeah my mum used to have to blend even chopped tomatoes when she made spag bol etc because I couldn't stand the texture of them. Just keep trying little bits of new veg every now and again and you might find something you like. I'd never tried butternut squash before, and first time I did I wasn't too fussed. I tried it again a few weeks later and LOVED it. Now I eat it with most meals! Peppers used to make me gag, even if something was cooked near to them I could taste it and didn't like it - now I eat them most days too!

    The meals you seem to like are all ones that can easily be adapted to fit in with SW, and look like ones that are easy to slip some veg in without noticing too much. Don't be afraid to use syns on tomato ketchup or whatever else you like, as you're much more likely to stick with it if you're enjoying what you are eating :) Think I spotted a recipe in this months SW mag for Mac and Cheese, that might be something to check out!

    I never thought of ryvita as sweet either but I love them with some Cadbury Philly spread on them... the mix of savoury and sweet is lovely :) I think the ryvitas vary depending on the variety eg. sesame, dark rye etc. It's 2, 3 or 4 I think depending on which ones you like. I think the sesame ones you can have 3 - they're my fave. Crackerbreads used to be a HexB but I think they were recently removed due to a change in recipe but they're only 1 syn per cracker so I like to treat myself to a few of those occasionally with some cottage cheese, ham and pickles or some Garlic and Herb Philly. Yum!
  19. pflorida

    pflorida Silver Member

    Im exactly the same with the tomatoes, it's weird because I have ketchup with literally every meal but I cannot stand actual tomatoes, I think it's a case like you said of trying things! I used to hate curry and now I will happily eat it, yes it's not my number one choice but I will eat it! I think I might try and cook veg that I do like more often until I find more that I do like so I'm not missing out on the goodness from my superfree's! I thought of making some soup because again it's hiding veg but I haven't had the time as of yet so will definitely consider this next weekend!!

    I will definitely have to try the ryvita with some sweet toppings and see if I like them as it could be good for an evening snack!! Aww it's a shame you can only have 3 I'm not too sure that would fill me up!! Oh no I love crackerbread :(

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