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Motivation Please!! Starting Cambridge Tomorrow

am re starting Cambridge tomorrow, after several failed attempts to return to I am going to trying again!

I lost a good 25lbs on it previously, but put it back on and more by some serious overeating and also the stress of two house purchases and moving into one etc!

I have now got to almost 16 stone (i used to be 12 st 7lbs) and I have decided enough is enough! I am going to do this! I just have to get through the next few days! Motivation will get me started and then habit will keep me going!

Any words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated!!
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Hi Curvy

If it helps i was in same place on thursday. My 2nd attempt also after a big loss 2 yrs ago.. i am really motivated with xmas coming up but i have found it tough. but stuck to it 100% till now..

if i can do it anyone can as i said to my mates if you are in the right frame of mind you will succeed.

I got my fave food from Chinese the night before i started as its going to be a while before i treat myself to that again lol.. The shakes actually taste better this time around well i think so anyway just drink plenty of water if you feel hungry.
Im not as good as most on here as new to me 2 but hope this helps xx

Go girl ou can do it :)
Hey and welcome back! And also congrats for taking that first big step to sorting out your weight.

I think the biggest tool in CD is the mindset/approach you have. If you feel it is deprivation and you "can't eat" it becomes very difficult. However if you view it as a positive step and a way to find it easier to move, have less joint pain, feel better in your clothes, have more fun with the kids etc it becomes much easier.

I'd suggest having a pootle around www.thedietguy.co.uk... he's been were we have (and more!) and now helps people lose weight by helping them focus. His blog is brilliant and a great resource for getting and keeping your head in the right zone.

I'd also suggest you don't focus on "getting to a size 12" (or similar) creating in your head a defining weight or size where life will suddenly improve. Instead focus on the positive changes along the way, reward yourself for a job well done (a manicure for every half stone, a nice body moisturiser etc) so that you become accustomed to nurturing yourself and your body along the way with other tools other than food; that way you are changing your relationship with food along the way rather than just "dieting to get to goal".

And then just take it day by day :D
Hi Lisa,

It really helps to have a reply! I haven't really had anyone to chat to about this because I'm the only one of my friends on the diet!

I love Chinese too, so maybe I'll order in when x fac starts! Lol. I think it's difficult for me because I do love good food and wine and I tend to socialise over food! And the town where I work is like junk food central!

I know once I've got through day one, I'll be fine! But as yet I haven't managed to complete a full day! I just keep failing at lunch time and I end up eating bad things!! I almost talk myself out of carrying on!

My last stint on Cambridge was in April, funnily enough my diet changed after I got my new job! I'm pretty settled at work now, so a change in diet will be easier I hope!

Well done for sticking to it so far!! Hopefully this time next week I'll be a week into the diet and doing well!!

The shakes don't taste as bad as I imagine them to be! Its just a case of down it and be done with it! I'm even considering leaving the house with no money to prevent me from actually buying food!!

Maybe we can keep chatting to help with my motivation?!

I think your right there about the deprivation! I definitely feel that, but I have to look at the deprivation as a short term thing! There will come a time when I don't have to use shakes and I'll build up to eating normally again!

I can't do the slow diet! I loose motivation so easily, but with CD you are constantly loosing, so you have that to keep you going!

I am determined to get in shape for Xmas and to get back into my party dress! I think I'll treat myself to a night out on the town when I reach a comfortable weight! I'd feel like a whale if I went clubbing now, plus no decent clothes fit anyway! Lol.
Lisa, I did send you a reply but it seems to have disappeared!!

Well done for getting as far as you have and hopefully I'll be where you are in a weeks time!

I am really looking forward to loosing all this weight and I just have to get through day one!! The dreaded day one and I can't make any mid day excuses! It's strange how the motivation changes from am to pm! I'm just going to get my shake in before my mind starts to wander!!

Hopefully we can keep in touch! The chats may well prove helpful!

I am determined to get in shape for Xmas and to get back into my party dress.

I know the feeling! If you look on page 2 or 3 there is a threat called "Visual Therapy". We are taking photos of ourselves in clothes we want to fit into (or just photos) and Rumbly and Kes will then put them into a story board each week so you can see your progress. It's a side, back and front view every week (I'm using my camera on timer propped up on books) and then Kes/Rumbly will chop your face off for anonymity if you want (keeping the neck/chin so we can see that reduce too!). It's great motivation and makes you really see the loss! They'll email/pm the storyboard back to you and then you post it on the thread.

Also take all your measurements. I have them on a chart on the wall in the kitchen. I'm measuring waist, bust, hips, neck, right thigh, right calf, right upper arm and ring finger.
Taking the plunge and getting back on the diet is a big step and you have to make sure you are in the right mindset and focused enough to stick to it, otherwise you'll be spending a lot of money on nothing!

Just think how fab you will feel when you are back to your old weight and how amazing you will look in your party dress.

I started last week and was about the same weight as you are now and I feel so much better already. I know how you feel about being too big to go out and I don't want to be stuck in that rut anymore.

This forum is a massive help and always gives me inspiration when I'm feeling weak so I'm sure you can do it. Just believe in yourself :)
I'd love to actually be able to fit even my thigh into my tiny party dress that I wore to an engagement party this time last year! Haha.

I have brought myself a matching handbag for the dress a couple of weeks ago and i think I'm even going to hang the dress out in my bedroom for motivation!

I'm using my iPhone, so not sure if I can add pictures on here! Great idea though!!

I've decided that my present for loosing all my weight is going to be a Chloe handbag that I've wanted for months, but couldn't justify buying!

I also think that telling my boyfriend I am dieting is going to help. I hid the diet from him last time, through fear that he'd think it was silly, but if he knows I'm doing a shake diet, then perhaps he won't bring me round lovely lunch each weekend!!

I'm also aware that he's noticed I've gained weight, and I'm embarrassed to see people I've not seen for ages, and embarrassed about going out incase I bump into them!

I am going to do this!!
I also think that telling my boyfriend I am dieting is going to help. I hid the diet from him last time, through fear that he'd think it was silly, but if he knows I'm doing a shake diet, then perhaps he won't bring me round lovely lunch each weekend!!

Definitely! I have told my nearest and dearest. I was very honest with them about how miserable I felt about my weight and explained how the plan works as a result they are so so supportive! And now they can see the positive effects they think it's a great plan. I still go to Sunday lunch etc and their behaviour doesn't change (no "hiding" dessert or feeling apologetic for eating) but I feel very comfortable eating my soup and being part of the experience of being together.
hey. i,m starting 2moro and feel right now its this or a life full of joint pain.. Well done for restarting.. i will look out for you on our weight loss challenges...
I'm going to explain on Tuesday when he comes over then! It will be best to get through day one first! I assume that once he knows I'll be less likely to 'fail' because it isn't a secret!
Hey Mich,

I am starting tomorrow! So I haven yet taken the big step! I am only 25, so not experiencing to much of joint pain! I do have a little niggle in my right foot that perhaps wouldn't be so bad if I were skinnier!! Lol. Good luck for tomorrow and let me know how you get on!!

Felix - how have you managed not to sneak onto the scales!! I brought a new set of scales the other week, I didn't have any in my house due to it being a new house purchase, it was one of the last things I brought! Hence the knowledge of my weight at last!!
Include him in the journey. When he comes over drag him out for a walk in a nearby park or woods or beach (depending on where you live). He can still have his lunches but you have your soup. Tell him when you get to goal you can go lingerie shopping :p
I live right near the beach, so beach walks will definitely be on the cards!

I'll just have to get used to the deprivation again, and then it will eventually become like second nature to me!!

Anyway guys, I'm off to watch x fac now, I'll have to do a little update tomorrow when I'm on the train to London! The first shake will have been drunk by then and I've got my headache tablets in the handbag ready, just incase!!

I will 100% avoid the croissants tomorrow!!

Feeling positive! Thanks guys!!
Felix, I think it's prob best to take your weight from the same scales I guess! Please update me tomorrow!! I'm excited for you!!

Lastly I wanted to ask a little advise on Coke Zero!! Is it ok or a no go!! I've been told it doesn't contain citric acid, so won effect ketosis! Any thoughts...


Slowly but surely x
take it easy and treat first week like boot campx