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Motivation techniques

Hey Minis, just wondering if someone can give me some tips.

I have lost 21 lbs on my 3 weeks of LL and I’m so chuffed with myself.
I did LL once before but gave in at week 5 L I’m trying to stay really focused but I’m finding it hard at the moment. Ideally I want to loose another 4 stones.

I know that the 4 months more or so of abstinence is so going to be worth it in the long run but at the moment I’m really struggling to pysch myself up for going that long. All sorts of craving this week, I’m refusing to give in, but they are making me physically starving!! Really do feel hungry which I know that I can’t be! Seem to have a bizarre craving for FishCake and Chips, it seems to be preoccupying my mind pretty much 24/7 for the last two days!

Anyway, any tips of what you have all done to keep focused would be much appreciated….there’s some pretty inspirational losses on here!

Kate x
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I have a gorgeous size 12 dress that i have bought for my cousin's wedding. If i dont loose the next 21lbs then it wont fit and i will have to go in jeans and a t-shirt. That is my motivation.
I distract myself by having a nice hot bath or going for a walk.

Good luck, you can do it

My main inspiration is knowing that when it comes to summer and we go away that I won't automatically feel like the biggest person in the room/hotel/beach/restaurant etc and that I'll be able to do things without getting knackered!

On a clothes thing I bought myself a pair of Levis jeans in a 32 waist at the weekend ---- one day they will fit!
Hi know what you mean about cravings taking over but its best to not let them get a hold.Its quiet often an imagned pleasure that we did too much of. At the start of my lighter life i put food thoughts out of my head the moment they came which was fast and furious. I could never allow myself to dwell on how this or that would taste i know how they taste and i tried to focus on the fact that i was in food rehab and tried to focus on the last series of binges and the pain, physical mental and emotional distress they brought to me rather than the quick fix of a food that if i looked and researched it would be high fat,high sugar and i would want more.:rolleyes:

Pretty harsh and heavy but the truth is that food is addictive and we have to replace it with something else or all this eating will slowly kill us and we wont be living the life we deserve all because of food.
All because of food i have wasted so much of my energy ,life and oppurtunity and no longer in denial of its power through this excellent program. It is painful,isnt that was pain does hurt us but we have the book to read the minimins the support so put a red traffic light on every time the food callls and even say i dont choose to eat you today go away.:)

Well done so far we only need to do this once and learnto use what we learn otherwise we will be back again and again weight doent go away unless we eat less and excerise so might as well do it nowTHIS TIME lots of love Maria
Thanks Ladies.

Marie, your absolutely right, these are cravings for addictive eating and not something that I really want. If I were too eat the foods I'm craving now then i'm sure that they would taste disgusting (really fatty) and would give me about 5 minutes pleasure filled by a huge amount of regret and all the associated guilt.

I'm sticking strong, I'm doing this for me, and I don't want to be this size any more and I want to be in control of what I eat.

I guess this, which is such a major change to me and the way I treat my relationship with food is going to be hard, so I won't beat myself up over it....just think calmly and analytically about why I perceive I want to eat the food. Why I really don't want it (ie stick to abstinence and beat this addiction) and what I'm going to do to handle situations like this in the future esp when I'm on RTM and past that.

As an aside that is something that does worry me, is after I've finished abstinence is how I can handle my addiction after that, in a way I think that not eating at all is much easier than making sensible, rational food decisions. I guess that I have a long way to go though and hopefully in the next few months I can answer those questions for myself.
Hi Kate, I have been on LL since Sept 10th 2007 and was a size 26/28 and now a size 18/20, but more of an 18. I still have a really long way to go and I feel the same! I have been craving for loads of food, but it is a fantastic feeling to not being the biggest one in the room. Fitting through small places, not bumping in to people when walking past gaps and most importantly buying clothes that are a lesser size then before.

I know it's hard, but u have come to the right place, you're lucky you only have 4 more stones to lose. Good luck. :)

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