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Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by -Tally-, 5 January 2011 Social URL.

  1. -Tally-

    -Tally- Silver Member

    What do you guys do to motivate yourself not to binge?

    I had a wobble last night where I wanted looooads of hot buttered toast, talked myself down from the edge and had an apple/yog instead.

    Feeling better today but wondering what you guys do when you have a craving that won't go away?

    To spur myself on I've just bought some new clothes that won't fit me, 4 sizes too small and I love them! Hoping that will give me something to aim for.
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  3. nettie

    nettie Gold Member

    Slimming World
    i was very close to gettin kebab for tea today as its been a long busy day at work. however, my motivation was thinking whether i wanted to stay fat forever or become slim... it was an easy choice! i now have pork steaks in the oven, pasta and veg on the hob!
  4. valerie11

    valerie11 Gold Member

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    slimming world
    hi themissus i kept having binges so started a thread" if ur thinking of bingeing " which helped then i went mad stuffing my face over xmas you name it i ate it but i ended up putting 5lbs on and didn't even enjoy it :eek: i have been 100% for the last 5 days and feel so chuffed with myself i have been looking at some of the b4 and after photos they r amazing and thought that could be me in a few months, have a look you might find it helps to keep u on track good luck x
  5. Kater-tater

    Kater-tater Gold Member

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    Slimming World
    take some pictures of yourself for a before an after, i did this the other day. they are horrific pictures but looking at them spurs me on to not look like this anymore.
  6. -Tally-

    -Tally- Silver Member

    That's exactly what I did last night, thought about it and asked myself was it worth it, thought about how bad it would be to get bigger etc...It worked, was pissed off though, lol.

    Yeah I just noticed the gallery n stuff now so am having a nosey. It's actually helping to have this place, normally I'd have to wait a X amount of days for group or bore my BF talking about it, now I have this place :D
  7. -Tally-

    -Tally- Silver Member

    I haven't got any "after" pics yet, my befores were so bad I put them in a rar file with a password so no one else can see them!! :D
  8. Lokipoki

    Lokipoki Member

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    Slimming World
    I have to remind myself of the reasons I am trying to lose the weight, such as the utterly gorgeous (and very expensive) pair of jeans which have been relegated to the loft for the last year :cry:, and that I want to be able to wear some nice clothes on my holiday in March.

    Thinking about these a few times before indulging has seemed to help so far.
  9. ally7997

    ally7997 Silver Member

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    Slimming world
    I have a wobble nearly everyday some are easier to get through than others! But I tell myself no food taste as good as being slim fit and healthy for the first time in my life, and it often works! Sometimes a bit of what you fancy does you good!
    So if I have a hankering for something and it's day 3 and I still want/need it I tell my self I'll have it naughty night! ( dinner after weigh in I have what I want)!
  10. Stupid

    Stupid I'm a greedy pig

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    help i can't stick to any as i am greedy
    i am the last person to give advice on this as i over eat the wrong food

    when i tried therapy for my binging i was told[if i can remember]
    -try not to let a bad meal spoil your day
    -plan for non food treats
    -focus on healthy foods you do like
    -right down a list of why you want to change your habits
    -right down a list of pro and cons and what will happen if you do and if you don't change your life style
    -reward yourself for progress
    Last edited: 5 January 2011
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